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    Hi, I am a beginner and am working with a guy who has an addiction to chocolate and has always had a chaotic business life. His striving to make more money has always been the priority in his life. He is not overweight but doesn’t like the fact that he eats chocolate nearly every day and can eat a whole family sized block without realising how much he has eaten. I asked him what his first memory was about chocolate and he said something he had forgotten was that as an 8 year old boy he was sent to help out in a deli for a couple of months. He and his friend served in the shop by themselves and he lived there for that time also. His friend’s parents were wealthy and he came from a poor background. Both he and his friend had open slather and ate the chocolates whenever they wanted. I asked him how he felt about being sent away from home to do this job and he said he really liked it because they were wealthy like he wanted to become and he got to eat chocolates whenever he liked. He said he is more likely to eat chocolate in excess when he is feeling stressed out about business and money issues. Can someone help me with how I can proceed with this? Many thanks, Shell.


    Joy W. Pan

    Maybe not entirely, perhaps this could be helpful.



    Thanks JP. That is a good start. I now see there are many more videos on utube addressing addiction.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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