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    I have this for at least 2 years and it is very bad. No fainting but I cannot function normally. I wonder if anyone tried to address this under this situation and has been able to make it stop. It began with anxiety and fear of hearing loss. I have TMJD as well. There is some pain involved while moving. I wonder if there will be a lot of work since when I imagine past memories of me moving, it still activates the fear and the pain when moving, thus causing the anxiety and hyperventilation. If I can get TMJD completely fixed, this would help yes but there might still be work to do there and I need to stop hyperventilating so I can focus on getting this fixed as most as possible, among others. If these memories are changed and support themselves, would not there be a lot more work to change them? Would I have to clear a huge amount of memories or should just I try to target a few memories that will help the other ones? I tried to address past references but I am still stuck with hyperventilation. This affects my life in ways I cannot function normally. There are relationships I value and want to keep as well as jobs or careers. I want to move on. Pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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