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    Hi everyone,

    I’m a newbie to Faster EFT. I knew about EFT but it never resonated with me. About a week ago, I found Robert’s videos on youtube by “accident”…if there is such a thing, and signed up for the free lessons.

    I have been watching the videos and tapping along to learn and to get used to this technique. This past friday evening, I watched a video of a lady who was addicted to sodas…I don’t remember wich one. But as I had only been drinking coke..until then Cool and could not get myself to drink water, I thought I would give it a try. It was late at night, I did the tapping, went to bed and totally forgot about it. Today, two days later, my son noticed I had not been drinking coke at all throughout the weekend, and asked me if I had started a diet. Smile The funny thing is…I did not even notice I had been drinking sparkling water instead of coke. This is wierd! I just don’t feel like drinking coke.

    Anyway, tonight I watched a video of a lady who had issues with overeating, mainly chips. I have issues with chocolate. LOL So I tapped along. At the end, the lady has chips in her hand and is asked to eat it and could not get herself to do so. I always have chocolate at home. If you hand me some chocolate, I will eat it right away…at least, I would have. After the tapping, I left the chocolate on my desk and did not feel like eating it. Let’s see how that goes tomorrow after work. That will be the test. I have faith! Laugh

    I also plan on tapping on my allergies. I have had them since I moved from Texas to Belgium 10 years ago. I’m pretty much allergic to all type of plants 10 months out of the year. I did not have that problem in the US, only here. I’ld better tap on that! :-)

    Have a great evening everyone!




    All right! I’m back! I have no clue how this works but it does work.

    Did not feel like drinking coke or eat chocolate at work. When I come home, the first thing I usually do is grab a coke and chocolate. None of that today!! I even went running which I had not done since my dog died three years ago. I used to run with her seven days a week and stopped all together right after she passed away.

    All right! time for more tapping!

    Have a nice evening Wink !




    GREAT Job BelgianWaffle!

    It appears that you are a Natural Healer!




    Thanks, CompletelyHealed!

    Same thing today. I went running again. I did better than yesterday and I am sure feeling good now. Again, I did not drink coke, eat chocolate or any other Junk food as a matter of fact. I even have more energy! nice!

    I really like this Faster EFT thingy. :-)



    Obviously this fasterEFT thingy LOVES YOU!

    I am SOooo Happy for You and your Future!

    Keep it UP! You are an Inspiration!




    Great for you.

    I wished it worked as well for me.



    Thank you both! Laugh

    Senin, what are you trying to heal? Are you trying to stop drinking coke?

    I am going to search for videos to release pain. My left knee has been painful for 15 years and running again is not helping. BUT I will still go running…I don’t care. :-)

    I don’t know what blocks I removed this week but I am really surprised I started running again. Funny as it all started with getting rid of the coke drinking habbit. LOL

    Having more energy obviously has an impact on those around me. My younger brother has been running with me since monday (every day so far), and my son told me tonight he wanted to come along from now on!! Should I say I almost passed out when I heard that? I have never been able to get my son to do any sports so I eventually gave up. That’s a miracle in itself. Laugh

    All right, have a great evening everyone!

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