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    Thank you, CompletelyHealed. Your post, “you appear to be equally Kinesthetic (a feeler) and Digital Audio (self talker) and perhaps NOT so much a Visual (easily picture things)? It occurred to me that perhaps All of this Visualizing is causing your HeadAches?” was right on. I am also that, and I wonder how much of our trances from the past create us to be this way? NLP says we have processes for things. I wonder if we can tap on processes that hold us back. I know that when I SEE something, it gives me the inspiration to do things. If I read something, then it sticks in my mind. But if I hear something, then it creates fear. If I feel something, then I go into defensive mode, needing to protect myself from an unseen enemy.

    How do you tap on processes? Like if A happens, it leads to B, which leads to C, resulting in D? I might not get a clear memory to tap on, but I know that a process is in effect.

    As for my previous post about tapping in the positives, I discovered a while back that music is great for changing state. When all else fails, I will start singing in my car while on my commute. If I am feeling angry or frustrated, I will sing Jingle Bells (or something like it) at the top of my lungs, in my angriest voice. I will soon start laughing, and I tap the good feeling in as I laugh. It does a great job of changing my state and keeping it that way.

    I know it is difficult sometimes to find the good feelings, especially when focused on the issues you want to tap out. So the silly stuff is the best way for me to get back into a better feeling state of mind. Let me know if you try it out.



    I wonder how much of our trances from the past create us to be this way?

    We ARE the trances from the past, perfected! UNTIL you Decide to Let It Go, they WILL continue to Improve!

    YES! I BELIEVE Tapping WILL change your Processes, as Triggers and Trances are part of the Process.




    Completelyhealed and Charliwest thank you soooo much for your replies!!

    Charliwest, omg you were right on when you wrote : ” my programming is super strong, and when I take steps to move forward in my life it will go to any lengths to stop me” that is how i feel too!!!!!!!! If you have any other tips feel free to post it Wink you helped me alot already! I feel less alone!!

    Completelyhealed, when you wrote: “Ask YOURSELF to HELP you PRESERVE the LEARNINGS from your Perceptions in that Special place you Reserve your Learnings of Life, and then to HELP you Release the Feelings (Mental, Physical and Emotional). ” It helps alot!!

    And that is funny cause i’ve always been a visual person but with my problems, i feel and hear things, i do not see things…visualization seems to be blocked? I don’t know!

    I just started to tap while saying “i forgive myself” and “I let go”, i hope it’ll work! and i hope you’re right Completelyhealed and that my healing is close!!!!!! Wink




    DONT just Hope, START Gathering Evidence to BUILD the BELIEF! As you Notice things are already improving, start to REALIZE that Change is Easy, when you Decide to DO IT!

    …visualization seems to be blocked?

    That reminded me of something I read in “Monsters and Magical Sticks” about our OUT OF CONSCIOUS SYSTEMS.

    I found this explaination by Google’ing “Out of Conscious Systems”, I HOPE it helps IN your Healing!


    Peace and LOVE




    I am so glad you found that you are not alone! You are not. And as I uncover layers of old emotions, beliefs and programming, it does help me figure out the “why” of things.

    One thing I have long had difficulty understanding how to deal with was being empathic. Since tapping the F-EFT way, I realized that part of my programming was so common that it was not obvious to me at all. Since I feel other’s emotions, sometimes hear their thoughts, I often find myself fighting off their pains – emotional or physical. I realized just today that in doing that, I would often tell myself, “I really don’t want to see that (whatever it was).” If I didn’t see it, then I unconsciously thought that I would be protected from whatever I perceived as unsafe.

    So, long story short, I realized that I am becoming less and less visual, and seeing less clearly in the physical. Vision has always been important to me, and it is kind of a shock to realize that I have long been programming it out of myself. The great thing is that now I know what my process is, and I can clear it and reprogram myself for excellent vision. I no longer have to numb my senses. I have the inner power to feel, accept that I feel, and clear what no longer helps me.

    I don’t know if this will resonate with you. Just know that if you keep tapping, the enlightenment will come, as well as the freedom.






    I don’t know if it is normal but i gave up on tapping a month ago cause i felt that all the tapping didn’t work at all for me…Cry I feel like i’m losing my energy and time on something that does not seem to work for me! ( I even tapped on that… ) I felt like the only thing i was getting was becoming more and more angry at myself, at life and at everything… I felt like i gave it all to the tapping process, i was tapping every single day for a few months, and doing everything Robert said in his videos, it wasn’t always easy and pain free to tap on emotional traumas and everything but i did it because my main objective was to be free inside and out.

    I don’t know what to do now. I want to start to tap again but i feel like I’m doing all of this for nothing..Confused

    Help!! Need to be cheered up i think!! I seriously don’t know what to do anymore…



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