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    Terence Haryett

    Hello! This is my second post… glad to be here.


    I noticed that sometimes Mr. Smith generously provides a coupon code… would there be any chance of an offer for such a code in the near future to push me over the edge on my way to being Certified? Cool I'm particularly interested in the Training DVD set…




    Stacey Y.

    I too am interested in a discount.  I saw last year that there was a 23% off discount code.  Can we get one like that or better?



    Mel Anderson

    Hi all!… I'm new to FasterEFT and to the forum … this is my first post.


    This week I received the MOH DVD series and totally devoured it.Smile  Now I KNOW I'd like to order the UTC and go for certification as this process fits in perfectly with what I do (and my quest for finding something other than EFT, TAT and Psych K) to assist “non-broken” people to simply move beyond what keeps them stuck in the crud they don't want.  


    Anyway, before placing an order, I just thought I'd check in as I'm also wondering if there are any discounts coming up. (you see, recently I made a large purchase only to get an e-mail about a “33% off” sale the very next day… that stung a bit!!!Cry)  


    So today, I thought I'd ask about discounts before placing any orders. If you could please let me know, that would be awesome!


    thank you





    C.J. Gilbert

    Hi all,

     I have been waiting to purchase the Training DVds – then low and behold I see sometimes Robert generously offers discounts. WOW Wheee Batman..I love Faster EFT – I work with animals and it's making a big difference for them and their owners. I would like to dive deeper into the work and get certified.Cool


    How about one for this crazy weather? It's snowing here in Wisconsin April 19th/2013


    Stacey Y.

    I emailed the office and they said that supposedly they were checking on it.  But have heard nothing yet.  Hopefully there will be a very generous coupon coming out soon.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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