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    caro croon

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve known FEFT for 4 years now, have been tapping on and off and now I REALLY want to make a change in my life. I realise I need to use this tool more often to really go somewhere, otherwise I’m always stuck in the same negative pattern.

    I feel I have TONS of things to tap on and I guess that’s the reason why I end up stopping tapping, along with the fact that it’s harder on our own, with a therapist I find it quite expensive and also I often get stuck and don’t know how to move forward.

    I’m pregnant and I want to get rid of some issues before the baby comes. There’s a lot to clean within me and I feel now is a good time both for us and my partner.

    The relationship with my partner is not easy because he’s reflecting back at me what I don’t accept/like about my parents (of course) and I’ve realised it’s not him really but me reacting to things.
    My mum has been drinking heavily now for 20 years, worse the last ten years, our lives have been very much afffected by that. Most often I live with it and tell myself I’ve accepted it but it makes me feel chronically sad, scared and angry. I don’t feel safe because she couldn’t give us that and my life has been tainted by this insecurity (anxiety, chronic fatigue, phobias and panic attacks, bulimia).

    Yesterday, when tapping about my boyfriend, it led to my mum and so I tapped on this and it made me cry so much but I didn’t know how to tap from there.
    The thoughts popping up are that how can I feel good when she’s lonely and destroying herself? how can I watch this and feel nothing? how can I get rid of these emotions? what sentences should I use? because when I just tap to let it go, it’s still there and hard.

    I feel it would help my health and relationships to much if I could really be at peace with her drinking.

    thanks for your insight!Titti

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