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    michel m

    I have realized ,that i made an art of dissociation, story tellingmode-not feel the feelings, see myself in the picture-dissociation, judging the proces and myself- dissociation !


    How can i effectively tap on myself? i already try for a year now, but got triggered in real live by things that i can not define ? so where should i tap on/


    when i have my list i can not really get the feeling vividly , it always looks like something out of a movie i have seen ! ?






    Katalin Dávid

    Hi, Mich,


    When you feel something, tap on it, you don't have to define. I did this a lot of time.

    Also tap on what you have about the memory… if it is not a feeling, a sensation, picture, something that you just know.

    I used FEFT more than a year without to be able to feel my feelings at all, I was totally numb and disassociated, and it still helped.

    But I also tapped a lot to be able to feel again, and at last, it worked.

    Were you always numb to feelings? Or do you remember a time, when you was able to feel strong feelings?

    Working with a practitioner or a tapping buddy would be also helpful.


    Hope, this helps you. If you have any more questions, please ask.


    Best wishes,


    Dale Adams

    Disasociation is just another program. Remember that we are trance machines. Get in the habit of observing what trance you are in. Ask if this trance is helping or hurting you. Just like observing your emotional scale, use trance observation as a way to measure your progress. No judgement, just observation.


    michel m

    i do not get it !? what do you mean? example , relatives died! i miss them ! but do not have acces to my grief, loss pain feelings ! i know it is a big loss ! but i can not even crie !? and all this not expressed feelings , drains my energy .




    thanks , very much for al the serious response!


    Julia Albath


    how do you know that it drains your energy to not express your feelings?


    Start tapping there.


    Always go back to “How do I know?”


    How do I know that I don't feel feelings? How do I know that I'm suppose to cry? How do I know …


    Questions everything and tap on whatever arises.


    Remember, it's all an illusion, you are already perfect in your imperfections. That what you are looking for is already here, you just need to allow yourself to have it, no justification needed.





Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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