Do you use any kind of method of what to say while tapping?

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    Can tapping itself help without saying anything while doing it? Also is there any methods which you address of what to say while tapping. I realize after the first round of tapping I have nothing else to say so I can only repeat the same thing. Are there any questions which would help me create those statements which I will say?


    Thanks in advance


    Nina Zamudio

    Hi Egon, 

    I'm new to this too but I've watched some of the HealingMagic youtube videos and I've seen where Robert has said tapped on someone who is merely feeling the issue they're addressing (sometimes it's too emotional that they can't verbalize it, are crying, etc).  And he continues tapping saying “release and let it go” on the 3 points and then grabs around the wrist, person exhales, “Peace”.

    From what I see of FasterEFT, this is the beauty of the “faster”.   

    I'm sure more experienced folks will help you formulate “statements” and I'll learn along with you so thanks for postingSmile


    Katalin Dávid



    As I understand from the videos, words are not important with this method. They aim at what we have inside (feeling, sensation, picture, sound, etc.), and add: let it all go. This way the subconscious knows, what to let go.

    And need to check back after every round, if there is still something.


    Wish you success,Smile


    Carla Groot

    Perhaps this video is helpfull






    Ed Schicatano


      I have found that you can tap without words and it works.  One thing that the words do (in my opinion), is that they serve as a “reframe”.   “Let it go”  “It's okay to let it go”, “It's safe to let it go”  are powerful reframes that are made consciously, but communicate a much needed message to the unconscious.


    Just my opinion.



    Carla Groot

    For me it is difficult to make the issue emotionally strong, rate it to ten, I just see the picture.


    But it certainly helps to aid words like: it is safe for me to let it go, I am here to let it go, I just let it go. 


    Sometimes I get a physical sensation somewhere in my body and the I focus on that. Untill it is gone.


    Later on I go back to the picture to see if it is still the same or not.

    When I am not able to flip the memory, I can still notice a difference, as if I am more clear inside, better than before.


    Both ways work for me, with words and without words, but I like it to add words, sometimes they bring new memories up for me.


    Nam myoho-renge-kyo




    Katalin Dávid



    I think Ed is right. Just focusing on the feeling or sensations and tapping without say anything is surely works. I have done it many times. And lately I realized, if I say I let all go or I not say it, but wish to let go everything, it works the same way.

    Maybe subconscious learned what I wanted.


    Nice days to you,


    Robert G. Smith

    FasterEFT has many parts that are simple and powerful becasue of the beliefs and tools created.  The real key is aiming at what you know you feel to be true.  It could be a feeling, an image, or something you hear internally.  Breaking it down and taping on the pieces.  Saying let it go, safe to let it go, i am ok as I let it go works great.  Persistance is the key. Keep going over and over again until it is gone.  Do what works. You are done with the memory when it is a feel good memory.  That is where the real art comes into play. Keep watching the videos and tapping on yourself.  Peace Robert Cool

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