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    Joy Metcalf

    Many years ago, I had eye surgery to correct my vision. The technology at the time was Radial Keratotomy, which made incisions in the cornea to change the shape of the eyeball. Now, many years later, one of the stitches has come loose and the scar tissue has opened a gap in the cornia, which is very painful. After going to an opthalmologist several times, and finding no relief (except when he put numbing drops in the eye to examine it), I started using EFT on it yesterday. Now, I’m very familiar with Gary Craig’s EFT, and somewhat familiar with Faster EFT, but it seems like most of the focus is on the emotional aspects of any problem. While there are definitely emotional aspects to this eye problem–frustration, fear, anger, regret, etc., it seems to me the problem is primarily physical: the eye will not heal. How do I go about addressing the physical problem when I’m tapping? What is it I’m letting go of? And another aspect–Faster EFT seeks to change the past. Well, I can’t change the fact that I had the surgery, though I dearly wish I could. So what is it that I would seek to change?

    Christy R.

    @rosawoodsii, FasterEFT does not “seek to change the past.” History itself cannot be changed. All we can do, and FasterEFT helps us do this, is change how we hold the past inside us. Regarding the eyes, Inna Segal’s book says, “Not liking what you see in your environment. Blocking the flow of abundance. Difficulty visualizing good things in your life.” Regarding scars/scarring, “Wounds that have not fully healed. A reminder of suffering that you have experienced.” (That’s just a brief overview.)

    Does this help?

    Email me if you want to chat about it further: christy (at) PhoenixWholistic (dot) com.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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