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    Here’s an idea. Because there is so much we need to learn about Faster EFT I think practitioners need to give their clients a booklet explaining various things about Faster EFT. There are things like the step by step procedure,diagrams,examples of statements, flare up symptoms lists,explanation for flare ups,symptoms when the body processes all the changes from FEFT,and so on. Its a handbook for clients like an owners manual for cars. We could all benefit from that “Faster EFT owners manual”. When we need to know something we can refer to the manual.That would make life easier for a start.It should cover everything we need to know.A handy reference.This isnt some simple technique,there’s more to it. How many of you practitioners and clients would like to see the “Faster EFT Owners Manual”? Bring it on,its long overdue.


    James Ward

    I don’t think if every EFT books and booklets are all the same, maybe there are several ideas but in fact different in designs and some contents perhaps. I have this one reprinted in booklets form at Digitek printing, but not so sure if almost the same with the others.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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