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    I’ve read posts on this forum about FEFT (Faster EFT) not curing issues.Some people have given up already whilst others are thinking about it. I would like to suggest that we need to find ways to develop FEFT so that it does cure emotional issues without the need to repeat the procedure many times. So,how many times do you have to repeat the procedure to cure an emotional issue,etc? Can we get FEFT to do it with less effort? I think keep the same pressure points and tapping procedure for a start.Use your variety of statements too but somehow there’s something needed to remove the issue at the same time. That ought to get people thinking.
    How many of you would like to see FEFT developed so you tap out one problem once and its gone? Go ahead and reply. Voice your ideas and lets make the dream a reality. Who’s up for the challenge? Go for it anyway.I hope you’ll all start talking about this idea and get the word out. Practitioners who learnt other techniques might find ways of combining techniques.

    As a comparison,there is a technique called “Neuro Emotional Technique”(NET for short) and they also do a version called “Neuro Emotional Anti Sabitage Technique”. You have to go to an NET practitioner with your list of issues and pay them to get rid of each one.They can usually get rid of at least 1 issue per consultation.Thats good value.It then takes up to 2 weeks for the program in the mind to disappear and its gone.Life is so much better because of it.In 1998 until 2003 I had it done and got rid of a lot of mine whilst I could afford it.And,I still have the folder with all the issues in it.
    (you can find out more via http://www.netmindbody.com and enter their website).
    We need to find ways to get FEFT to do the same thing.It needs to be research and developed so it can do that.(what would it be called then?)

    I have been using FEFT for myself since April 2015.I keep remembering issues and I keep tapping them out.I record each one in a journal,basically a school excerise book.I’m now onto my 6th book. With so many issues to do and having to do them again and again they all add up.I cant say I’ve been cured of any.I can say my body is functioning way better than it did and I’m healthier in my body and mind because of FEFT.This means I’m looking after my emotional wellbeing.Its reduced the severity of Chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) and I feel so much better for doing FEFT.I’ve told a lot of people about FEFT and they’ve all told more people about it.I’m learning a lot from it. I even combined FEFT and a Kinesiology technique to treat food intolerances.If in doubt,tap ’em out.I’m up to 4700 issues this week that I’ve tapped out so far.They all up add be assured of that.We’ve all got them.

    There’s something to think about.

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