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    Jacques Nault

    I'm really wanting to help others using these techniques and want to create a business out of this.

    F-EFT is so useful for so many areas, very universal, physical, emotional, performance etc.

    Would it be better to promote myself for helping a particular aspect like say physical pain or fears or just go broad like Robert does?

    What are your experiences & suggestions?




    Carla Groot


    Although I don't have a business in faster EFT, I can only say this: Find out what is most important to you.

    Where your heart is. What has your biggest interest.

    Don't follow the path of Robert because he is succesfull.

    Find your own way and your own passion.

    Then that will work out for you.




    Joy W. Pan

    I agree what Carla just indicated. RS truly does it from his heart and that is really the major component that makes him successful. Especially after attending his seminar, after seeing his energy in action in the same room is empowering even more to me. I would like to add that finding ones passion is so important and one of the best indicator that allow you to know there is 'passion' in your own work is a “Time-Just Flies-BY”. I have a little at home business which I am a seamstress, and my passionate about needle work has allow me to complete each project without looking up the clock. Practicing FasterEFT is a great way to bring focus into practicing any form of skill set. 


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    Julia Albath


    I agree with what JP and Carla wrote. Follow your passion. I am a practitioner and I find that I treat all types of problems. I think over time, I will find my own way. I also strongly believe that if I'm not getting the results I want, then it simply means there's something else I need to let go of. I am always tapping on myself, and things are falling into place.

    From a practical standpoint, how I understand marketing, you are best served if you pick a “niche” and become the expert there. For now, I have chosen the area of eating disorders, but I'm not certain that's where I'll stay. I'm also considering the Internet a major source of clients and use a strategy to maximize that. The Internet makes it easy to target a niche and serve it.  

    Just follow your passion and you'll find what works for you.




    Jacques Nault

    Thanks all for the advice!


    Jamie Edkins

    Here is an insurance company in the UK.



    Jamie Edkins

    There are loads of 'therapy' techniques out there including newer ones such as Matrix reimprinting and also older ones like Traditional EFT.

    I found it hard to explain what we do to people is a straightforward and understandable manner. Below I have written a breif pitch which has been taken from different sources of the Level1 Training Manual.

    I want to streamline it as much as possible so would value any input so we all con benefit.



    “You’re entire life up to this point is stored in the un-conscious mind & every memory is made up of smaller pieces which are building blocks of the experience. These pieces are senses such are Visual, Audio, Kinetic, Smell, Taste & can trigger an unconscious reaction or perceive a threat when they are either present or implied in the current moment.

    All of the experiences you have in life from when you’re born manifest into you creating your personal identity (what you think of yourself) & how you view the world.

    The goal of FasterEFT is to change the structure of memories. If we can change the interpretation of what those pieces mean then we can remove the problem.”



    Joy W. Pan

    Thanks Jamie for sharing your input. I am really happy to see the UK link you post regarding holistic insurance. The information you provide us can be so helpful for practitioners and users. I also think the pitch you wrote has excellent structure to it. Thank you. 

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    Jamie Edkins

    Thank you JP. I realy want to work on the business basics in relation to getting out there & saying “this is what I have to offer. You want some?”

    If i'm going to offer my services & make money from it I feel that we need to learn to promote ourselves well & explain how we are different from other services if we are asked. Also I am going to practise some shorter ways of explaining what I do & not mention the tapping at all untill the session starts (as Robert gave us a little advice on in level 1 training). An example is “I dedicate my time to assisting others to remove fear & doubt from their lives & come to terms with past events so they can move forward & reach their full potention in life with the skills to do it.”


    Jamie Edkins

    I have created a Peace List documents so that I can email or post it to my clients before the 1st session.

    Click on the link below & tell me what you think. Any & all feedback is welcome even if you think it's all wrong & I shouldn't use it. It's in Microsoft Word format.



    Have fun. Laugh


    Ruth Gandy

    Hi jamie

    Im not a practitioner but hope you don't mind if I use your template myself, as of yet I have not done a peace list, my hubby also has to do one for his session with Robert and he has been struggling!

    Best wishes

    Ruth x


    Jamie Edkins

    Please go ahead Ruth. It's for anyone to use if you want to.


    Carl Dourish

    Great peace list Jamie…However, remember to use the 'Art of change' with the client too.


    If I'm at a gathering, party/wedding etc and the topic always comes up about “what do you do for a living” I always reply back with “Have you ever felt stressed,angry or fearful” I've never had a “No” reply…

    They have always said 'Yes” in some form or another. I just reply “Well, I specialise in altering your perception around such thoughts & feeling” You now have their total attention. You can put them into different 'trance' states while explaining to them…Bad memory – good memory technique.

    Many moons ago I was scared and fearful to talk about tapping. Fear of appearing whacky…But fasterEFT gives you a way to explain mind/body without even going into the tapping. That's an internal perception for you to 'tap' on. I have no trouble on tapping on strangers, because I know every time I will make an internal shift…Big or small.

    If people contact regarding help, then your more than half way there…Because you just know that they've checked you out, or their family/friend have been to see you…

    Keep up the great work Jamie.




    Jamie Edkins

    Thanks Carl,

    Would you fill in the ART of change in front of the client or would you get them to do it before they get to you?


    I have also been working on a document that helps us to explain what we do & help up to answer questions that people may ask such as “is it EFT that you get involved with”. Let me know what you think or if you think I should add/delete anything. My intention is for everybody to use.



    Carl: It contains some of the text from your last post. I hope that is Ok with you concideting that you've already posted it for us to see.


    Thank you,

    Jamie Wink


    Rachel Geller

    Hi all,

    I too believe in the niche idea. I'm going for parenting, at least so far.

    Jamie, thanks for sharing your document. I just wish that you could be so honest and straightforward and have people saying “Sign me up! Sounds cool!” But I doubt this is what happens to people who read it. It's too technical in my opinion. What you have done is explain it in a way that people (like those on this forum) who have already understood, who have already tried it out, will understand and find simplified. But you have to reach the people who are still on the other side of the divide.


    There's also parts that I believe people will find difficult to read. For example, you wrote:

    “The basis &
    belief system that I work from is that everything you have ever experienced in
    your life from the moment you where born & maybe before you were born is
    still in your un-conscious memory. Your problems start with what you do in your
    mind & with those memories.”

    Firstly, this is the opposite of what you later wrote:

    “You don’t have to
    believe in anything or hold certain beliefs to agree with the concepts
    surrounding in FasterEFT.”.

    Are beliefs necessary or not. What if I don't believe that everything I ever experienced is stored in my unconscious memory. Do you have some way to prove this? Is everything stored?

    And what did you say I do in my mind and with these memories? Excuse me? I wasn't planning on doing anything in my mind or with my memories. Unconscious mind? Who says I have to care about what it's doing? Science and logic? Sounds pseudo to me. Which scientist agrees with this?

    I'm just having fun repeating the kind of scepticism I face when I try explaining it too clearly. 


    Here's a conversation I had today, which I'm really proud of (OK pick it to pieces if you wish to!)

    Place: park.
    I said “I've been studying Faster EFT”

    “I didn't know I was speaking to someone so talented (!) What is it?”

    “It's something that helps people with fears, and other stuff.”

    “sounds interesting. How does it work?”

    “Well, lets say fear of dogs. I had a boy come to see me who was shaking in panic whenever he would be near a dog. After two sessions, he was hugging dogs!”

    “wow! What did you do?”

    “I told him: feel the fear, get scared! Then I said Tap here and say “I let it go”, “I let it go” “I let it go”.

    “how could a young boy feel the fear when it wasn't there?”

    “He was ten. I said 'here's a growling dog in front of you'. He got scared. After we tapped it down, he had a bunch of memories, all about dogs. We tapped each one down, one by one. It took two sessions, then he was free of it all.”

    “Wow, what else do you work with?”

    “I also help with test anxiety. When people are scared before tests, they can't concentrate and can't really understand the questions, and they do badly. I worked with a teenage girl recently for exam anxiety, and she was very relieved. But my biggest passion is working with parents, helping them improve their parenting skills.”

    “Really, without working on the children?”

    “so what would you say, if let's say a parent says 'my child doesn't listen to me'” 

    “I'd say “how do you feel when your child doesn't listen to you?”” (smile, nod) “Then tap “I let it go, let it go, let it go”. When we can talk without stress, kids often hear us a lot better.”

    “Wow, that's great. I wish you a lot of success. I hope you help many, many families”.



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