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    Hello folks,
    I’m new to FasterEFT. I just finished the 7 Day Quickstart and watched the “Start Here for learning FasterEFT” playlist on the youtube channel.

    I want to use FasterEFT myself and probably teach my family (1 child).

    I’m interested in learning more indepth about FasterEFT especially about the “logic” behind it and techniques. I don’t want to become a Practioner. That’s why I think that the Ultimate Training Course is not a good fit although the material sounds interesting.

    Is there any product you can recommend?

    Thank you.



    For Personal use, you CAN get ALL YOU NEED from the YouTube FREE videos! Continue to Borrow Benefits by Tapping along to them ALL!

    There are MANY Videos taken from Robert’s Seminars and Instructional Videos that will help your Understanding. But the BEST Understanding comes from Trial and Success! As you Start to MAKE Shifts in YOUR LIFE, NOTICE “WHAT” Shifts you achieve, then LET that MOMENTUM SnowBall into a BETTER/BEST Belief System!

    YOU CAN CHANGE ANYTHING/EVERYTHING about your Body/Mind by changing HOW and WHAT you Believe!

    Ultimately, it IS your SYSTEM “OF” BELIEF that CREATES what you EXPERIENCE.

    Once you RECOGNIZE the AMAZING System of Personal Freedom, you WILL BE Motivated to DO MORE!

    Just DO IT! Cool

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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