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    Alex Teachings

    Hello everyone. This is Alex, I would like to know when working on a memory or something that bothers a person. I know in faster eft website Robert says to think of the oldest memory you have of the event but what if I don’t remember when it first happened although I do know the part of (how do you know you have it) but when it comes to where do you feel it how can I determine that, I have a fear of cats and I know I have it although it’s not extreme that’s what I think because I can watch videos of cats without feeling scared or anything I can even watch videos of kittens without any hesitation and usually to me the kittens eeem cute. Now in a real life situation, if I’m somewhere outside and I see a cat if Iam in a car or somewhere where I know I won’t be attacked I’m alright and I actually do have memories and some stories of cats attacking people, one of them is my family member getting tracked by a kitten although I was very young at that time so can’t remember that however, one fresh accident back in 2014 that happened was I saw a black and white cat in a street and my dad and brother were asking me to come to a car parked on the opposite side of the street and this cat staring at me was slowly walking but then it started following very quickly and it seemed very likely that it will attack me and I was running to the car as fast as possible. But when it says where do you feel it in your body I think it was legs and I was running. But I have some memories where I didn’t feel fear in legs Another question is if I work on releasing on the memory of 2014 is it possible that I will release the fear of cats if I completely flip the memory. I’m also telling the faster eft recipe of what I will do

    I release and let it go(between eyebrows)
    It’s okay to let it go (side of eye)
    It’s safe to let it go (below eye)
    Just let it go (collarbone)
    Grab wrist take deep breath and release
    Go to a peaceful memory( which memory can it be a made up memory which is not real eg imagining petting a cat)

    Finally, I have seen Robert in YouTube videos doing a faster eft version in which he says I release and let go of all “sadnesses anger hopelessnesses” what is the difference between this and the one I’m doing

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