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    Hi. I have a problem with overeating. I figured it out that I overeat (doesn't matter what it is it can be chocolate or cereals) only when I'm at the computer (I have a computer addiction too) Laugh. Anyway I went two weeks without the computer and I noticed that I almost didn't have any cravings to overeat anymore. I went back to the past when all of this started (I think). I came back from the hospital and was in a lot of pain and for the next couple of days I was at home and watched movies on my computer and ate a lot of chocolate. And I kinda forgot about the pain…


    At first I just “wanted” to overeat but now I have this urge to overeat whenever I'm at the computer, every single day and if I don't take my computer away I need to fill myself with whatever is in my house. So my question is how do I tap away this connection computer-food/overeating. I've watched a lot of Robert's videos on youtube and I know how to tap but this memory is kind o strange don't you think? It's not negative cause I felt better when I ate so how do I tap this memory and connection between computer and food away? I would very appreciate if someone could help me with this. Thanks- Smile


    Michelle van Andel

    Ask yourself 'how do I know I have a problem?'

    Write down the feelings and emotions attached to it.

    From what I read in your post you talk about the eating itself, rather than the addiction.

    How do you feel about being addicted, having no control, the need to fill yourself.

    What makes you feel empty?


    Hope this will help.





    Hi Tim, 

    It sounds like you havent identified properly why youre doing this. Allthough not a painful memory it sounds addictive because it made you feel comforted. Are you lonely? Did you get enough love as a child? i know you say it happened after coming out of hospital but could it all be you creating a subconcious scenario from your past that you may have blocked out?

    Food can fill a void temporarily like alcohol etc. As Robert says the one word boiling everything down is theyre all escapisms, computers are the same.

    Perhaps you should go further back & base your tapping on something else that could cause you to be doing it.

    In the meantime maybe you could try drag yourself away from the computer & do what you did in the 2 weeks you said you did something different, as in this sense it sounds like youre capable of breaking away & actually doing something different as you were able to identify that you didnt eat as much.

    Hope this helps, 

    Sharmien Smile    


    Joy W. Pan

    “That which bring out of you will save you. 
    When it comes to addiction or any other problem we face, it doesn't do to look for the solution on the outside. There are no solution from the outside. 
    We escape from the stillness which holds the truth within ourselves. We do have the truth and the healing power resides within us all.”

    quote from Gabor Maté on Who Are We When We Are Not Addicted




    Jaynee Hodgkins

    I have found getting to the root of the symbol the item has for me helps. IE. Diet coke when I tapped it back to its roots represented a time off period when I could rest and not be in charge of caring for an emotionally absent mother. I drank it compulsively to get a “rest” and a treat and then continued to overwork and not self care and self nurture. Tapping on that memory and replacing the symbolism with other stuff that I really want. What I am looking for really is that feeling of “rest and being off duty…. ” I can get that feeling by tapping in other memories where I got that feeling without diet coke. Make sense?

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