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    Marianne Strait

    Hi everyone,

           I would love some advice on getting your practice going – specifically how to bring clients in…..   What are the best places to use to get your name out there?   I've registered with some online groups like phone books.

            How did you start attracting people to your work?

           Also, (on the give-back side),   I had been thinking of approaching a battered womans shelter or military group, but lack any formal psychology credentials so I've been hesitant NY has some pretty tight rules when it comes to touching another person  (I know you can get around that with them tapping on themselves, but it's an example of how NY works)  another example only people in social worker/pscyh professions can practice hypnosis (irrelevant to me thank goodness)

           Any advice would be appreciated as I'd like to move to full time practitioner!


                             Marianne – pem address is  mariannestrait at gmail . com

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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