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    John Wilkinson

    Hi guys

     Im having a lot f trouble getting this to work.

     I try aiming and focusing harder, tapping slower and even keep on tapping untill im literally yawning.

    Any advice or tips on how to be successful? I have so much stuff that I want to change but t's just frustrating that I can't seem to progress at all.


    Katalin Dávid



    For me, it was like you wrote at the beginning. Sometimes I even felt worse, than before. Be persistent, and it will work. It already did, but if you have much stuff, it may take time.

    And if you write a bit more about what you would like to change, we can give you more advice.

    Usually, my mind was like jump from one issues to another, and I can't really focus on them, but maybe it was the way of clearing. It is not the same for everybody.


    I wish you success!Smile


    Julia Albath

    Hi JW,


    I agree with Kati, keep working on it, with persistence you will find change. 


    If you could give us some more information/examples that would be helpful. Without knowing more here are some things that may be going on.


    If things don't move it usually means that there is another belief to the problem that you haven't discovered yet. Let's say weight loss is your goal and you tapped on your relationship to food. Yet nothing is happening. As long as you still “need” the fat to feel safe, little will.


    Or take a recent belief of mine “If I love something, I will lose it”. This really helped me produce procrastination with things I actually enjoy doing.


     This is where working with a tapping buddy or practitioner can be helpful. It's always easier for us to see these beliefs in others than in ourselves. But with persistence, you can peel of all the layers yourself.


    If you let us know what you are working on, maybe we can help you figure out where to look. 


    John Wilkinson

    Hi Kati, Julia!


     I have no problems producing the feelings/emotions. I have also tried numerous ways of attacking the problem.

     The main concern is that tappng not actually having any effect.



    I notice how I know


    Internally aim at the feelings


    tap on the points (usually the ones Robert uses in his videos) and say let it go, and try to feel as if I'm letting it go.


    Then deep breath ect.

     But nothing ever shifts even with persistant tapping.


    gone gone
    A coupla tings, JW-

    Try the tapping on a smaller issue?

    then you will get that successful feeling. 

    Then, you go back to tapping on this more serious issue, it will be better.


    Also, Your measuring your results with?  what?

    Use the SUDS  tool.  on a scale from 1 to 10  

    Then tap for a few minutes and then take a break and measure it again, give it another “score”  it will be lower and lower and lower until it is gone.


    May take some time, just like Julia and Kati said.

    ALso, When you begin, include the tree with its roots being pulled out

    BEFORE you begin to tap



    ALso, Tap on “no control”

    “I release and let go of this feeling of no control.” Shampoo, repeat, rinse.  SUDS and tree roots    CoolCoolCoolCoolCool


    Please continue to write about what is going on.  Sooner or later something someone says will click with you.

    Also, do you have a tapping buddy? I am considering it- I might  try it.

    With love,



    gone gone

    Katalin Dávid

    Hi Jw!


    Please, try not to make you feel, as if you let go the problem. It either gone or not.

    I also tried to let it go with willforce, because for the first 1,5 year, it seemed to me, that nothing really happens. Same problems over and over again. Bad feelings always…

    But changes were made, just not the changes I wanted, and not so fast, I wanted. And the exact same sensations, in the exact same place in my body never returned. But there was many. I felt always tired. So if you feel tired, that means your brain is doing something.

    And my brain has a habit, that if I begin to tap on for example guilt, it gives me a lot of memories I felt guilty, jumping from one to another, like a whirwind (usually I cant really and a round on one, because four-five or more come in one round, and usually I even don't know in the end, which to reimprint). I just try to weather the storm.

    And if they became too strong, I just taking deep breats, can't even tap for a little while.;

    You may try to remember, on what you began to tap (absolut exactly, a thought, a picture, a feeling, a voice, what exactly you feelt, was said in which voice, tone; what colours, shapes, characters the picture had), and after every round check this.


    Or may tap in lies, like: I easily let go of all my problems. Have no memory, I can't let them go. Sometimes I used this to provoke an answer from the allmighty subconscious.Smile


    Happy tapping,

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