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    I’m trying to figure out an issue since losing one of my parents.Its either a grief related issue or a fear related issue.

    Due to my own health issues I havent been able to travel.Its been years.I miss the region I grew up in.Its only been since I lost one of my parents that its stopping me from wanting to be back in the region.I see the region via google maps and it still causes me to feel like that.I cant imagine ever being back there again.

    I also need to formulate (simple) statements than I can use to get rid of the problems.
    I always start statements with ,”I feel…….” and end it with ,”let it go”.

    As for fear issue I need to eliminate that factor too.

    Can anyone relate to this problem? How did you deal with it?



    I should have mentioned something here with my original post. After one of my parents passed away in 1999 I know I was worrying for my other parent’s welfare/wellbeing/health.By 2000 I ended up with CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).I wonder if the CFS was caused by a grief related issue or something to do with my concern,etc.

    As I cant afford to have Kinesiology treatments, its rare when I have to find the money urgently, for example, when I got the flu late last year and it caused me problems as I live on my own.
    I had to have a treatment urgently. The Kinesiologist had a few minutes to spare and he tested me for the cause of CFS.We got as far as testing that it was something to do with the loss of one parent and the surviving parent. He used “Neuro Emotional Technique” (NET) to find that out.
    We didnt have time to delve further as he was treating me for an unrelated problem.Thats a start.So I’ve been tapping out anything I can think of that could be it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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