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    Debra Parker

    Ive tried NAET, eft, just about everything except stem cells….. this is not a life, its hell all day long, the longest, most agonising death you can imagine, every day, for decades, Im in crisis all day every day, running for my life, severely allergic, dirt, grass, trees – severe reaction, very bad mcs so if anybody comes anywhere near me severe body pain, become very weak, often fall down, knives in my stomach, immediate migraine, one small exposure affects me for hours, cant go into shops, buildings, peoples homes or cars. My home made me so sick I abandoned that years ago. Diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, went to a support group meeting and passed out. I cant go near people or into buildings. I have been living in an old well taken care of car and mostly outside for over 3 years the pain is SO bad when I go inside. cfs, mcs people offered me a room but even in their places at best I would fall down with the worst case of the flu and couldnt move or (Im sure it was the paint on their walls) it would burn my nerves so I was screaming in pain.
    It seems to attack the nerves inside my nose first, then my whole face, head caves in, like knives, being stabbed in the head, then lights up all the other nerves in my body and Im screaming in pain. Sometimes it feels like a plastic bag over my brain. At other times like Im standing in a fire, all my tissue is being burnt. HELP!

    Food allergies as a child undiagnosed and untreated. Had never heard of anything like food allergies & had disinterested parents. Im 49. 17 yrs ago contacted ross river, glandular fever, barvon forest, kept on working, pushed on through, I dont get sick but the pain was unbearable. Took 10 yrs for fibromyalgia diagnosis, the key then was seratonin so trialled all the antidepressants. Of course, only 1/2 tab would cripple me in pain for days. Used to be locked up, muscles like concrete, physio at the pain clinic said I had the worst bound up thorasic shed ever seen but life got much worse when the chemical sensitivities kicked in 5 years ago. Cant understand how dumb I am for not recognising how much worse the pain was when I ate.

    Ive tried different diets, supplements, herbs, fms drugs, my hormone count is nil so to supplement hormones – everything made me ILL!!! as ill as ill as you could ever feel THE PAIN! Anything that passes by my lips, it seems like all food and inhalants….

    Hair analysis says ca, mg, most metals poisoning my tissues, sulfur, zinc, c, e, efas deficient, anemic due to cu poisoning. Blood levels show high lead, ca. Brain scan shows very advanced calcium blocked arteries & depression of course & small aneurism.

    I have a lot of trouble breathing but its the smell of everything…. if it blocks my nose and caves in my head then Im in real trouble. The fatigue is unbearable and indescribable but of course I cant sleep because of the pain. Theres not much I can eat.

    My adrenals have failed. I dont make any cortisol. My thyroid is sluggish but not bad enough to need any medication. Blood tests show first signs of kidney problems.

    I take MS contin – just 1 a day, I hate drugs but Id jump off a bridge, & I have to take the cortisol to replace what Im not making which hasnt done a lot to help & asthma med. to try to make up for my deficiencies

    I have degenerated/bulging discs, viruses & metal poisoning, this theory sounded good – I thought this was it but protein powders make me ill & increasing my protein & enzyme intake hasnt made any difference.

    Have you heard of anything like this? Paper makes me ill. Of course, electricity makes me ill, mobile phones, computers.

    I cant read all the posts because of the electricity. Im in more pain and lose any ability to comprehend anything.
    My doctor is suggesting brain inflammation is responsible for the wrong gating information about all the smells etc and pushing me to take lyrica to slow down the nerve impulses. Of course, it put me in great pain.

    gone gone

    Dear Debra, I think you will see huge changes when you begin to tap with faster eft way.


    It doesn't matter where you start- I mean what issue ( and you have a lot to choose from)

    Just do it now.


    YOU TAP 


    You will see immediate changes…. 




    Because each one of your body's responses (the pain and suffering)

    are inter-related by having the common denominator of your experience.


    So just tap-now


    This works.


    Do you watch the videos?

    # 22 gives clear explanation of why we have problems.


    When you go to Robert Smith's healingmagic You Tube channel, 



    date added oldest to newest


    Then just focus on following along with the tapping.


    Your pain will lessen and your health will improve.


    You must start NOW-

    It is free and it works


    Many of us who hold (held) great pain and misery

    turn out to be people who can help others. Go on to achieve our dreams.

    We have special insight into other's experience of the negative.


    You do not have to believe anything- just start tapping.

    And when you watch Robert Smith's videos about 

    the reasoning behind tapping- maybe a few times- or over and over like I did,

    You will be the expert on you

    and what to do to recognize your emotions.  And that you can do something more positive with them, and choose your life's path- toward goodness and pleasure.


    I particulary like the picture switch and flipping

    so check those out.


    Don't stop until your feel the shift or 

    as RS says,”pass out or fall asleep”

    Persistence is

    Truly compassionate about your situation

    and with complete faith that YOU will do this

    for yourself.  



    Can you find an eft practitioner  where you live?

    Or do you have a trusted freind who may want to learn this with you?

    Then you could tap on each other 

    and benefit a lot more.


    Oh- and the happy journal is important

    at first, it is difficult to find happy things/memories

    but as your heal, they appear.






    Carla Groot

    fame shame and pain nr445

    maybe a helpful video.


    I would just tap and tap and tap, feel it tap it untill something changes for you…

    Find a practitioner!

    Love and peace




    And I thought I had problems lol.


    Really though, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap and when you're done TAP!

    As the other posters have said just start on one of your problems(that shouldn't be too hard, since you have so many) and just start tapping. You don't need any computer, technology, house or any money to do it. It's free and it works. TAP!

    Jo H

    I had MCS for many years and thanks to tapping haven't had
    a single allergic reaction to anything in the 5 years since tapping on
    the issue.  The important thing to realise is that the substances that
    you are reacting to aren't actually what is hurting you.  What is
    hurting is that your brain perceives danger where there is none, and it
    sets off the stress response.  Usually when someone is in the situation
    that you are, they have been through trauma that has effectively
    resulted in their burglar alarm system going off so often that it
    becomes trigger happy and goes off left, right and centre, even though
    there is no actual danger.  Faster EFT is the fastest way to heal this
    because it helps you to reset your brain so it no longer fires the
    stress response when it doesn't need to.  The other physical symptoms
    you have are all symptoms of an overactive immune system/constant
    burglar alarm response.  If you tap to clear the triggers, like me, you
    will find you are no longer affected by things.
    The key is to
    ask when you first started having the reactions.  You said you had them
    as a child, do you know how young you were?  What was happening in your
    life at the time?  For me my problems started right from the first time I
    was breastfed so it was a clear clue that it was birth trauma that
    caused my issues. I didn't believe it consciously (after all I had no
    memories of it), but I really wanted to heal, so I did the tapping. It
    was incredible – when I cleared the birth trauma (I was born severley
    distressed two weeks late, with the umbilical cord wrapped several times
    around my neck and making it hard for me to breath – Mum said “they had
    to work fast to save you”) the allergic reactions stopped.  All of
    them.  If you can clear your early trauma, you will no longer find the
    burglar alarm going off.  I know that this stuff can be hard to believe,
    if someone else told me my own story I would struggle to believe it. 
    But I went from having severe allergic reactions very often, to being
    able to eat and be near anything I want with no reaction.  You can do
    this too.
    I'd seriously recommend considering working with a
    practitioner to support you – the underlying belief with allergies like
    these is usually “I'm not safe” (due to past traumas) and so it can
    really help to have someone hold a safe healing space for you as you do
    the tapping.  I have worked with a lot of people with alleriges and they
    tend to clear very quickly when they feel safe in the tapping and you
    clear the early traumas (or the ones that occurred in the few months
    leading up to the onset of the allergic reactions.)
    Feel free to drop me a PM if you'd like to share with someone who has been there.
    Best wishes,

    anthony cantu

    excellent advice and help.

    We ARE all in this together!




    Try this No-Cost Simple Memory Technique in the Privacy of Your Home.


    I have used this folks it has helped me and my family.



    Rebekah Higgins

    I understand. I have MCS and ridiculous severe allergies also. The primary thing that brought me here. Jo, your post was very encouraging thank you for sharing it. I do have hope, most days, but it is very frustrating. Like Debra, I have tried many things and am in debt up to my arse from trying to heal this over the past 20 years. It is a fucking nightmare, can't go anywhere do anything be with people etc and despite everything I have done, it keeps getting…worse. Small exposures to perfumes at work debilitate me for days and my work brings me close to people, right next to actually. I am on an unpaid  leave now because of it. I also know that like Debra, the reactions expand and it becomes a syndrome of chronic pain and suffering…IC, Vestibulitis, raging pms, Facial pian etc. I too have done NEAT, BIOSET, NUEROMODULATION,Hypnosis, NLP, psychtherapy, diets, candida protocols, detoxes etc. I never bought the canary in the coal mine bit, I KNOW that I am, or part of me is, or my body and brain are overreacting to things and I am in constant fight or flight with no way out of it. It is like a form of OCD or something but I can not stop it even knowing this. That is what is frustrating. I learned eft and tat about 10 years ago, have worked with many gifted practitioners and tapped enough to bore holes to china and have gotten absolutely no where. There have been times where I have been sucidal, even recently…but…

    I keep trying because I have to there aren't many options. I just started using the faster eft and I am making some slow progress. I tap A LOT, I can not identify the causality of my problems, but I just keep tapping on the symptoms. I would recommend perhaps to those who suggest a practitioner to people like myself or Debra, that this while it might be a good idea is really stressful to people with severe MCS who are very likely broke beyond belief, Debra is living in her car, I am more comfortable than that at the moment but about 100,000 in debt from this and not able to work much. We or should I say I, seriously can not afford to pay people to help us anymore, not that I don't want to, I can't. That is why Robert's vids are so valuable to me and I am so grateful to him and GAry Craig and tapas flemming for putting enough of the basics out there for free for people to help themselves. I am also grateful to those who post their successes. If others are successful then one can end the fear that it isn't possible to get better.

    There are a lot of people now having success in healing MCS through limbic training, eft, Hamr method (similar concept to faster eft and free also) Gupta method DNRS etc. Check out “planet Thrive” they have a website and community with an area devoted to this. Just hearing that others have and are getting well does wonders, so much out there is doom and gloom….you will be sick forever, the whole world is toxic and you have to avoid everything, no one recovers, there is no cure etc etc etc. That was all there was out there for so long, but not anymore. One day Debra, you and I will be writing our own success stories.

    In my own opinion, do all the protocols you can that are offered for free. See if you get even a little better and then decide where you want to spend any dollars, do not spend on anything that does not help or where you don't get to use some of the techniques to see if they help first. There are a boatload of folks who will take your money forever and then blame you for not getting better. We are already desperate and there are many predators who think they are saints. Probably worse than going broke is becoming hopeless and emotionally bankrupt from paying people to help you who say they can and then don't…often seeing you as the problem…”you must have walked by a bakery and desired sugar, you don't want to get better, it is all secondary gain, you have candida, buy 10 more colonics and eat one egg a day for ten years”.  Sorry for the rant, secondary gain etc is real, but it isn't a blame game, we do this to ourselves for a reason and that reason must be pretty compelling and operating well below our radar, DO NOT let anyone convince you that you just want to be sick. We are trying to protect ourselves somehow and need to create safety for ourselves. We are doing this through programming that runs beyond our control and even awareness. If someone takes your money and can not help you with this first they need to be shamed, not you. I personally will not buy any method where the creator has not put out enough info for people to start to help themselves first. ie. DRNS and others. I believe everyone has a right to make a buck, but the developer of this system is so protective of giving anything away about it other than the  “neuroplasticity” idea upon which it is based. For the life of me I can;t see how someone who has had this problem would keep the solution so guarded, says something big about them. I admire Robert and Gary Craig and Tapas who all obviously enjoy a good living, people still go to their workshops and buy dvds etc even though they share and share and share. That said some people get a great benefit from DNRS and having more people cured paves the road for more hope so do what you think is best. I just wish to align myself with folks who want to help and make money, rather than want to make money and then maybe help or not.

    It is hard to be motivated when there is no progress or the progress is painfully slow and you just wish someone would care enough to help you a bit, but we can do it. Keep tapping and when you can't tap try tapas flemmings tat, free also on her site, it doesn't require much effort and I find her “set up” of acknowledging that something is or something was to be good, telling myself this isn't happening now creates an internal resistance. With TAT you say, “this thing happened, it happened it was real”, let it settle and stick and then shift a bit until you can say “this thing happened it was real, but it is over now so now I can relax”. I find it helpful to alternate between faster eft and tat or include the gentle tat phrasing in the faster eft. Best of luck to both of us.


    Debra,, Hi read ur post & was shocked to see someone else shared my feelings..Yes,my “alarm’ wroks all time. “Alert’ all time,very scary.I was told after grown up that I bit onto metal coat hanger,hook,the tip went thru top of my tongue..I have no recalection of it,I have a scar& asked my mom on it.she wasn’t interested in it..My sis told me I choked,screamed,had blood all over,I was 7mos. Then later more abuse came,thru mom. Had sisors to hit sister with,more blood.I was about 7??She was always getting beat on..I held this all in..Never told anyone,til had nervous breakdown,after being married.. That however never helped..I found Robert & working hard to let go..My comprehension is very slow.Mom told me over & over how my brain was soo slow.I was very “sheltered”..I took it in Im very stupid..Hes helping me,best he can.I feel Im going in circles…I may not be hitting right feeling..Mite be missing something..Just don’t seem to be letting go to feel good..Cry

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