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    Hello Guys,


    Recently I have stopped tapping because I felt that I haven`t any issue that was too bad for me but now I realize that after some situations I start thinking the same way. I will give you an example. I used to date with this girl, she was very attractive, then for some reason which I never learned she stop been interested in me and she didn`t say anything even if I asked her so my mind start making all those games in my head of what`s going on. I think I got over her partly but yesterday when I have seen her, that heart beating started and then again those mind games started doing damage to my head. I am not sure how to spot the right problem , but always I feel there is a way that the memory will come back, because you can pretty much relate everything with your problem and you didn`t realize that before. How you deal with that?


    Also I would like , if you do not mind, to give me an advice on that, I was thinking to go ask her what happened then, I am not expecting that we will be back together because I don`t want her to hurt me again but still I was to clarify some things in my head, but what worries me is the fact that I did something mistake and I couldn`t forgive myself because I lost a really nice girl. Otherwise, if that wasn`t my mistake, then it means that she was very immature and stupid which didn`t show respect to me and will not do when asking her for the real reasons. I know I should just let it go but is hard when you have so many questions in your head.

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