how can i change my limiting beliefs.

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    nice guy



    i wanted to change my limiting beliefs. i find that it create a lot of problem specially in the financial  area.  i did my best and do the affirmation and other things and even i look to the faster eft but i does not understand that how can i delete my belief or remove my limiting beliefs via faster eft.  and first of all how can i find that what limiting belief i have which caused me to suffer in financial area. 


    your inputs are really going to help me a lot. 






    Carla Groot

    Hello Sanjay,

    I recognize your problem. I also have limiting beliefs about money, and want to change them.

    First of all, when you clean up your past, whatever it is, you open up for more abundance, in every way.

    You can ask yourself what your beliefs about money are. Do you deserve money? Are you worth it? Or do you think you need just enough to get by?

    Do you think you really have to work hard for every penny? Do you think you will get never enough? Do you think you always make problems?

    Such things.

    Every limiting belief you can use to aim at.

    Such as: I release and let go the limiting believe I don't deserve more money.

    I release and let go the belief that I always make financial problems, although I try so hard not to.

    You can imagine a financial problem you have right now (perhaps a debt) and tap it out: I let it go, I let it go, I let it go.

    I let go my anger because I have this problem, I let go my fears about money, I let go my sadness, my hopelesness, helplesness, my lack of control and let it go.

    Until it doesn't bother you enymore. Until you feel goed although you have this problem.

    If you can change your feelings how you deal with money, it will change.





    Katalin Dávid

    Hi, Sanjay71!


    It is nice, you are here, too.

    Limiting beliefs are based on memories. You learned them from somewhere.

    As Carla wrote, you may do a Peace Program (clean up your past), according to video 118. And video 56 about money self-abuse program.

    You may write a list of memories, what your parents said about money, about rich or poor people. Is there someone, whom you really like and poor, or sombeody, who you dont like, and rich? Or what you feel, when you winlosespent money…. What you think about thing related to money, like banks, etc. Tales? Religion?

    For example, in Hungarian tales, peoples who are rich, usually bad too. And mother red these to me, when I was a child.


    Affirmations may not work until you don't clean the negative side. Video 77, and video 247, and some other videos, too, are about affirmations.

    And you may also watch the other videos, Robert explains a lot of things on them.


    I wish you abundance! Smile


    Ed Schicatano

    Don't forget to subsitute an empowering belief in the end.

     You'll need to establish new neuro-associations with this new belief.




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