How Long Does It Take To Cure Issues With FEFT?

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    Its a question we all need to know the answer to. I dont think anyone knows the answer though.
    We can keep tapping out the same issue until its gone.Unfortunately we dont know how many times its going to take to do that.In the meantime there are all the other issues in our lives that need to be dealt with too.Yes,they all add up. I keep a jounal of every issue I do and they all add. I’ve been using FEFT myself since last year and I’m up to over 4700 issues.Well,you got to tap them out more than once dont you? Then I keep remembering more so I have to start them too.

    My question is,how long does it take to cure an issue with FEFT? Has anyone focused on just one issue until it was completely gone before moving on to the next one? I dont think anyone has got the time to focus just on one specific issue to keep tapping it out until its gone.

    I am enjoying the overall benefit of improved health and wellbeing since I started FEFT in April 2015.I can spare the few seconds it takes to do 1 sequence of FEFT? Some days I’ve done as many as 35 issues in one day.I’ve got the time thanks to CFS(chronic fatigue syndrome)keeping me at home so I may as well tap a few out during the day.I love FEFT.Its easy to do.I have the spare time and there are many benefits.I keep coming up with alternative statements for each issue to get rid of more of it.The pay off is the health improvements and improved wellbeing.Thats good value for all of us. We are looking after ourselves and dealing with our emotional issues responsibly.Thats got to be good for reduced blood pressure.Anyone notice the change in your blood pressure? I know people who can see the improvements in me since I started FEFT.

    I hope someone,somewhere can provide the answer to the question:
    How long does it take to cure an issue with Faster EFT?
    Yes,we all would like to know.

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