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    Micah King

    First time poster on these forums! Hello FasterEFT posters 🙂  Glad I found you folks.


    I would like to start a business doing this. Up to this point the only experience with EFT I have had is with similar healing techniques, being the 'patient' if you will and also doing the EFT on myself personally. I have also seen how well EFT and NLP have helped people.


    For at least a year, I have given thought to being the therapist. And more recently I have given it exclusive serious thought, so here I am, looking for more knowledge to help me with that aim. I am thankful that Faster EFT exists, because before finding it, I was considering taking separate EFT courses and NLP courses and combining them, which as you know, would have taken much longer.


    So onto the questions!


    At what level would you start working on people? Is the answer to that completely subjective and personal?


    How beneficial do you deem the live training seminars to be?


    Do all of you do your work over the phone?


    What is the best way to promote what you do?


    How much time will it take to become a Level 3 practitioner?


    Those of you with a thriving 'practice' , can you give me any idea how much you made starting out and how that progressed?


    Out of 10 clients, how many will come back as repeat customers?



    Thank you for your time. I know I asked a lot of questions. I look forward to your input and experience.


    Carl Dourish

    Welcome Sebastian,

    You will find great people here and useful info.

    You've asked the usual questions that one does when looking to start a therapy/healing business, call it what you will!

    There maybe many held beliefs and ideas regarding helping people/groups alter their behavioural patterns. Such as:

    Will I be good enough – what if I don't get clients – what if my clients don't change – how much should I charge…

    Start working on yourself to alter your thinking around working and charging people.


    I think 'live' training is more important, however there's nothing wrong with learning via DVD's or on-line training. Some people can't afford to attend live training events. It does involve a cost. Paying for training – hotel – transport etc. Or, they may have confidence issue themselves. So don't like groups.

    I can't speak for all. But I do offer skype session Worldwide or telephone. Even go to clients own home if they require that.

    How much money you make is based on how much you what it? Some people believe they shouldn't charge too much because they helping people. So they stick with £30 per session. How much do you value your time? I know that I will make a charge in all the people I work with. Big or small…Most of my clients have been around what I call the 'therapy bush' I'm interested in results. Because when I get change in the person/group they become my next advert…


    So that leads on to your next question nicely. I don't what repeat business…I create a change give them a tool to use. You show them it works, now they can use it. Not many other therapies can offer that! They then tell their family & friends. So, if each client tells 10 people for example. Your 10 becomes potential of 1000 clients. So please don't focus on returning clients.


    Do group work. I do stress groups and weight groups. average 30 per group for 1hour. £10 per person = £300. Then guess what that 30 people do. Free advertising. Many then want to work with you 1-1. Aim to do 1 group every 2 weeks. £600 per month for 2 hours work. Then add on top your 1-1 sessions.

    I must add that's taken me Years of hard work and study to have that belief. I know what I'm doing, so I charge for my time. Time is important to me. I used to have a job where I work 60hrs per week. I now work average 20 hours per week.


    Go for it!




    Robin Burmeister

    Very well said, however I have to do mine thru DVD's I'm very much prepared for it.  Thanks for the info and good questions;)  this is a great group…


    With all Good Wishes



    I have considered starting a “coaching” business.  Be careful calling it healing or therapy, you could find yourself in hot water with the authorities.  I would love to start an EFT circle under the auspices of a ministry.  Say either before or after church.  The eft circle would be free.  Then once I got my confidence up I would do private sessions on a sliding scale.  Because maybe the ones who can't afford help are the ones who need it the most.  I also envision having two partners so that there is a check on my power.  I do not wish to become the next James Arthur Ray.  I would also call it something eft so that basically I could certify myself.  I know that sounds egotistical.  But Mary Baker Eddy did it so did the founder of Reiki.  In fact most founders of movements certified themselves.  Anyhoo, those are some of my thoughts.  Still in the planning stages.




    Dale Adams

    I think Robert Smith deserves the respect to not be told on HIS forum that someone is going to take his work and claim it as thier own. Give him the credit that he deserves. Pay for and earn the accredditation to run a proper Faster EFT practice, or create something better. Then someone may take your work and screw it all up so they can make a buck. I want to run a practice of my own someday, and it is a sad reality that I am going to have to fix the mess people looking for a short cut are going to make. I respect you and your path, but make sure you understand the protocol and it's belief structure before you practice it.    


    Micah King

    Thank you for the suggestions Carl.


    If you don't mind sharing, how did you start your business? What did you do at the beginning or have you heard others do? You know, the first step. 




    Joy W. Pan

    Micah King

    I mean this in the friendliest way it can be taken, but it would be really nice if the people that reply can stick to topic.


    *Hope I don't step on any toes*




    Joy W. Pan

    I would love to know more about the “how it all began” too.
    Absolutely no toes got hit. I am an ‘almost there’ practitioner and has been
    wondering while FasterEFT already is the best mix of so many practices of EFT,
    NLP, Hypnosis, and as I look much closer at the FasterEFT training materials,
    seem like it would be double again to cert on EFT and NLP. Love to see more on
    Carl’s feedback to us. Can only say from what I’ve encountered from just about
    all of the practitioners were not having the precise focus to ‘kick-start’ at
    the very beginning, but rather, they fallen-in-to the profession of

    Laugh Laugh Laugh Spinning Laugh Laugh Laugh 



    Carl Dourish

    It surprises me that people have great intentions to help others, but they always seem to almost do it! In one of my previous roles I was a manager of a residential home for six adults with prada-will syndrome. They used to attend a weekly group therapy session. I used to go and support them.

    I was so excited about the beauty of counselling. I decided to study for my Diploma in counselling. Don’t forget I’m in the U.K. I studied for two years. I finally took over the weekly group sessions. So that was my start.

    I wrote to local G.P’s and support groups letting them know of what I can offer…I was so scared at first, the what if I don’t know the answer to their questions. After a couple of years on counselling and basically paraphrasing I didn’t feel a great success.

    More study was needed. I decided to research hypnotherapy. Again I studied for my Diploma. This made a huge difference to my practice… I was making changes in people at last and quickly. I’ve never been one to do things slowly…lol.

    I became the person in my local area to see. Mostly working and concentrating on fears and phobias. To this day I still prefer phobias…again it works nicely with the quickness I like to work. Remove 30 plus year phobic behaviour within an hour. That’s a great buzz.

    Always researching and learning. Discovered Gary Craigs DVD’s early 2000. Did think it was a little whacky. Didn’t believe the idea of broken people. Tried it on family and friends. Great success I just started using it with my clients.

    I was making big changes in people that have been around the therapy bush, however it was ‘me’ that taught them to change. However I was charging the same fee as the therapists that didn’t help them. I started to question myself. Why am I under valuing myself.

    I made the decision to double my rate… Did have lots of fear around that…tap, tap, tap. I had a young family to support and questioned am I doing the right thing?

    It was the best decision…it made me work harder. I need to be the best if I’m going to charge that. I’ve mentioned my fees above. It doesn’t bother me talking about fees because I have no fear around that anymore.

    Like I mentioned above, it as taken me years to feel comfortable to charge £120 per hour. When people ask what do I charge. I always say “what have you tried before and how many session have you had” when they hear £120 they can either think that’s expensive or he must be good to charge that. Both are correct. I alway say if you have a ferrari would you take it to a local garage to be serviced…

    So hopefully I’ve answered some question. FasterEFT allows new people to this field make quick changes. Believe that each person you work with will change and your business will grow. Start part-time. See five people a week. Increase your skills and knowledge. Get out and give free talks.

    Like I said before.

    GO FOR IT!!!



    Carl Dourish

    I must tell a story of when Robert came to stay with my family and do May’s training event. Robert wasn’t feeling so good, so I arranged for him to see my G.P. I waited in the waiting room while Robert went in. He came out and said he invited him to attend the training.

    The G.P. Came along to the last day of training. Many people asking me “who’s the new gentleman” I just explained who he was…when it came to the practical part of the training (tapping) my 1st response was ‘I’m working on that guy’ (G.P.) we made 3 quick changes on 3 different memories. He couldn’t bring the worry back. He’s now asked me to give a talk at a local centre, plus GP’s in the U.K. are having a new conference in 2012 to allow them to start using alternative therapies. Guess who will be pushing that forward.

    So what I’m getting out…is choose your target and aim for it. It’s better to have some target to reach, then none at all. See, I wanted that Doctor. I knew I would make changes! Other people wanted to avoid him. Afraid of his position in society… I don’t believe in that rubbish. He had is ‘stuff’ to deal with.



    Micah King

    Thank you for the well thought out replies Carl 🙂


    Good insight.


    Elana Michelson

    Hi Carl or anyone else with experience,

    You said you studied hypnotherapy and it made a big difference,

    Do you recommend people training in fast EFT to also train in NLP and hypnotherapy? Do you think iot would make their practice more effective?

    And do any of you have any experiences with online training courses in these modalities. Are they any good? they claim their certification is recognized all over the world.

    Any input would be helpful. (And yes I know part of Faster EFT training requires reading the user guide to the brain  NLP hand book which I am currently studying and fascinated by)



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