How To Create A Hot Hook That Will Have Your Prospects Say “That’s Exactly What I NEED!”

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    Joshua Benavides

    Hey everyone! 🙂


    Joshua here. It was a pleasure to meet everyone at the last FASTER EFT level 1/2 training. I just wanted to share a little something that I know will support you to attract more clients to your biz. 


    As you know…everyone is walking around in their own trance. So how do you break their trance and get hooked by you and your message?


    Well, after a lot of trial and error, thousands and thousands of dollars invested in business trainings….and coaching hundreds of heart-centered entrepreneurs around the world…


    I've never seen anything work better to dazzle and communicate a SOLID message to potential customers than the following template. Do not be decieved! This little template, done right, could absolutely make a HUGE difference in your business. Ready? 🙂


    Here it is:

    I help [insert who you work with] [insert specific problem they want to solve] so they can [insert result] without [specific convenience or pain they want to avoid].


    The key here is to be clear who you work with. Who do you target? People with stress is WAY too broad. What kind of people? Women? Executives? Stay at home moms? Entrepreneurs? etc.


    Every niche also has another niche or many within it. So…think…WHO is your best candidate? Who is our IDEAL client? Then insert that after “I help”…


    Example: I help busy professionals…


    Then you place a specific problem they want to solve. 


    Example: I help busy professionals instantly double their energy…


    Then you insert they really really want.

    Example: I help busy professionals instantly double their energy so they can get more done in less time while avoiding the 3pm crash. 

    Then add the other “left-hook” to have them totally identify and say..THATS ME!



    I help busy professionals instantly double their energy so they can get more done in less time while avoiding the 3pm crash.


    Then you can follow it by saying:

    Do you know anyone who wants to know what and how to eat to double their energy right now?


    Now of course, this is an example for health coaching. But the same applies cross-contextually.


    Hope that helps! Much love and blessings to everyone.


    *Joshua Benavides





    Thanks Joshua! It was great to meet you too. Hope to see you again at the next training seminar.

    That formula is very helpful. So what exactly would you say as your personal elevator speech to “hook” people into trying FasterEFT?

    Love & Peace, Grace


    Joshua Benavides

    Hey Denali! Yes, it was a pleasure to meet you as well. As far as what I say personally, to be honest, I don't even mention it. The fact is that most people are looking for solutions to their problems. Most of the time (as long as it's not something way too extreme) what I have found and has been documented in multiple tests and studies on influence and persuasion…that most people are in a trance of WHATS IN IT FOR ME. In other words, they just want the result.


    In most cases (in my experience) if you can pin-point what they're going through and state that's the problem you solve and it's something they are ACTIVELY LOOKING FOR…then your offer sounds in many instances…IRRESISTIBLE. 🙂


    Again, (and this is where most practitioners get caught and wonder what's going on) it's all about the client, their fears frustrations and dreams and aspirations. A lot of practitioners get caught in explaining or telling mroe about the technique when most (not all but most) people are just looking for a result and will pay you to deliver that result. 


    Classic example: Back when McDonalds and Burger King were strongly competing with each other, each company was on a constant mission to speak to the customer through their ads and advertising and get more business. Burger King decided, based on their research, that what people REALLY wanted were burgers made on a grill. That's what they really want (or so they thought). So they promoted and positioned themselves in that way.


    McDonalds, however, realized that most of the people that come to fast food restaurants don't really give a hoot about REAL GRILL or not…they want: FAST, PREDICTABLE and GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT. So that's what they advertised and they left burger king in the dust. 


    Why did this happen? Because McDonald's understood what their customers REALLY wanted and talked about it, wrote about and made tv commercials about it. Everything else (how they make their burgers, fries, the state of the art equipment etc….well, they knew that's NOT what will bring them customers so it was and still is never mentioned)


    Point of the story, as Peter Drucker, the legendary managerial and business philosopher once said: If you can describe your prospects problem better than they can, they will unconsciously assume you have the answer.


    In my business, I serve holistic practitioners, coaches, teachers and what I call heart-centered entrepreneurs. I never mention much about HOW I help them. I mainly mention WHAT I help them with. The result they want. (Which in my prospects mind it's all about being able to make more money doing what you love, serving more people, not being afraid to shine and perform, etc) So I speak to those needs and wants.


    To conclude, it's really about intimately knowing your TARGET MARKET. The people you serve have very specific fear, frustrations, dreams and desires. What are those? Speak about those. Speak how you can help them alleviate their pains and turn on their pleasures. That's what moves people. Not HOW you do it…but what THEIR transformation will be once they work with you.


    Hope that helps. I help holistic practitioners let go of the fears and limiting beliefs that are holding them back from generating more income, serving more people and getting their message out in the world in a BIG way. 😉


    Much love!




    Joshua Benavides

    One more thing, something that is well known in marketing circles is:










    Joshua Benavides

    One more thing 🙂 …


    In saying everything I've mentioned so far…just to clarify… it's important and crucial to know how to talk about HOW you can help your client achieve their goals. But only after you've determined WHAT you help them with. Only after you've created a sense of VALUE in what you do and may have to offer them.


    Best to begin with BENEFITS and leave the features (the program, length, sessions, tapping etc) for afterwards. 80 % benefits and 20% features and you've hit the jackpot as far as being able to authentically sell your services to more people. And it really comes down to that…


    In service oriented businesses like coaching…you have to know how to sell and close effectively and with authenticity. Selling is serving. And most of the selling occurs in a simple conversation. Master the selling part of your communications and marketing/business…and you'll be able to serve way more people. 


    Hope that helps. Much love!




    I don’t know who is reading this after 6 years+ but there are some big useful tips and tricks in this contribution. Thanks a lot Joshua for sharing.

    Sure it helps, Much love to you too,

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