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    Carla Groot

    Hi everybody,

    This is the first time of my life I am member of a forum.

    Can anybody tell me how I can subscribe to a forum/topic?

    And if it is possible to get an email if there are new reactions about that topic?

    I am not so smart with computerstuff, who can help me out?


    Thanks a lot!






    Julia Albath



    If you go into your profile (edit profile) then there is an option to automatically subscribe to topics which you post in. Then whenever someone else posts, you will get an email.

    Also at the bottom of every thread, there are subscribe and watch buttons. click subscribe and you are subscribed even if you didn't post (or don't want the automatic subscription). Not sure what's different about “watching”

    Also, if that isn't enough, you can get an RSS feed for any thread and add it to your RSS reader and stay up-to-date that way (instead of subscribing). There's also a message board RSS, this way you'd know when someone posts a new topic.

    Finally, you can also go to your profile and then scroll down, there you'll see something about “Message board posts of this member”. This way you can see all the posts you (or any other members) has made.

    Let me know if and where that doesn't make sense and I'll try again.





    Carla Groot

    Thank you Julia, I printed your message and I will try it!!





    Carla Groot


    I feel very stupid but want to ask if somebody can explain to me how the PM works.

    I tried to send a message, but it didn't autocompleteCry

    I had to add “recipient.. something” and now I am afraid my message went to MarinaEmbarassed

    Also when I want to read my messages, I can only read one, and reach the others only by throwing the rest away…





    gone gone

    Just forget about the autofill and type in the members name precisely

    and it will appear just to the right -which confirms that you are sending it to the person you want


    Then, scroll to message box

    and type and then send message button an the bottom


    you can do it



    gone gone

    ANd also-  to read new messages or (old ones)

    click top one- the one which describes it.

    and it will make the message available

    then select or click that second one- the message title underneath the main title button

    which opens the mail message.

    I am sending you a pm for an example to illustrate this

    hope it helps




    Carla Groot

    Hi Suellen,

    Thanks a lot! I have printed your post and I'll try it!

    love and peace…nam-myoho-renge-kyo



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