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    Lala Bueima

    I got taken away from my family over 7 months ago, was placed in a foster home, ran away from there, and was placed in a Girls' home. The whole time has been absolutely miserable. The people who are in charge of my life have major power trips and have a need to be in control over everything. My mind won't even let me go into the details of what I experienced in the last 7-8 months. It's been dreadful. It's been unfair. It's mad me more than angry, anxious, and depressed. I just want to go home and they keep telling me I'm going to leave but I never do. Thankfully, atleast my father has been very supportive through the whole thing. I just can't handle the pain anymore. I'm ready to slice my self open. Someone please help me.


    Lala Bueima

    And I'm 16 years old


    Lala Bueima

    I seriously need help asap.


    Katalin Dávid

    Haylie, you are in a trance. Tap, and don't stop, until you can think again.


    A wanted many times kill myself, but tapping always helped.


    Carla Groot

    Haylie, I know it is so hard to get out of that feeling, but like Kati says: it is a trance!

    There will be a moment you cannot go deeper and you turn around the other way.

    Sometimes go fysical can help also. Clean up, run, work, do something with your body that needs all of your attention. Dont let yourself go to that place you slice yourself open.

    Feel it tap it feel it tap it feel it tap it and keep talking on this community okay?

    I have been there too, but in the end you don't want to go there.

    Keep tapping



    Jeannette Wilmer

    Hullo Haylee, I've tried so many therapies,  to help me with anxiety and depression . It's been FasterEft and intuitive healing which have helped me the most. and finding someone who you can trust and who understands you so you  can eventually help yourself. 

    At first, I did psychodrama, acting out and resolving basic fears in 1968 as well as art therapy from 1989-1993 , which set me on the road to my healing.

     I've learnt about positivity, which I know is pretty challenging when feeling suicidal. Yoga helped…gentle exercise, breathing, relaxation and visualization. I am now 65. At the age of 22 , the doctors called my parents out in the middle of the night because I almost died of the over-dose I took.

    Eventually I wrote and thanked the Intensive Care Unit for saving my life.

     It was the EFT with Gary Craig  helped me leave my abusive marriage of 39 years and give up the tranquilizers I was on for 40 years.  Then FasterEFT helped me move on completely and handle my divorce, etc, etc.   

     Hang in there.  For me, feeling those horrendously painful feelings and tapping them away, then thinking of something positive and realizing that I deserve to feel happy and have a good life has helped me so, so much.

    Only going as far as you want to or can cope with.  Then a bit further etc.

    I am so glad I found FasterEFT..(Wish it existed 50 years ago…..would have saved me alot of pain)

    However NOW it's so good and, in fact all those awful things that happened to me, have made me into who I am now and I do quite like myself. 

    So peace and love, love even the awful feelings (Hard but it's easier to let them go if you welcome them)

    Accept whats happened and then it gets alot easier. Easier said than done but it does work.

    Lots of love   JeannetteSmile YellCryConfusedSmile Laugh 


    Robin Burmeister
    I know you may not understand this, but you are there for a reason with
    good intent behind it.  Nothing is worth slicing yourself not even where you are
    now.  You are a beautiful person always know that.  Things will pass, but you
    have to help them get to where you like them to be.  Do as the others said in
    their posts…Notice how you know you want to harm yourself and start tapping
    from there.  Do this everyday it will start to help you and give you clarity to
    think better….I'm sure you know where you like to be right now…start
    pretending you are there, live it and love it and love yourself, You are
    Peace Always


    This post brings back a lot of memories from my youth. I wanted to kill myself some ten years ago but I got help. And there is help to be had. That’s why it’s heartbreaking to hear how horrible you felt, Haylie. I hope you see things more clearly now. Please reply so we can make sure you’re ok.

    Best wishes,



    Dale Adams

    What happens to us is not as important as what  we do with it. There are people in this world that would trade places with you in a second. Look for things to be gratefull for. Do what you can to help others. Distract yourself from your problems by helping other people. Accept things as they are and, improve them. Please keep posting.

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