i’m in desperate need of healing!!

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    ernesto paredes

    i'm 18 and i can't afford those sessions they cost to much. i want to fix my self esteem really badly it resulted into social phobia so intense for 5 years straight i was about to suicide but didnt do it. anyone does free healing, like surrogate? because i live in Puerto Rico and i doubt it theres fastereft practicioners here. I walk self concious i cant stop thinking about my walk like when theres people i automatically walk self concious like a “gay” walk is automatic i can't control it. the other thing is fear of being watched when i feel there is people in the place i automatically feel uncomfortable,like my skin area of my eyes moves and people think i'm lokking at them!!! i hate that!…people judge me alot basicaly i'm attracting horrible things can someone help!!!!



    Robert has quite a collection of Self Esteem video's that you can tap along to. 


    Sometimes it is quicker to Learn from someone else, but it is NOT NECCESARY, YOU CAN DO THIS!


    Many of us HAVE Healed on our own with the FREE Vids! 


    There are MANY LOVING Subscribers here that will guide you for FREE as well!


    Make the Descision to Master this, and WILL IT!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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