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    Florina Lungu


    from Romania, Bucharest.

    I think about a Certification Training and  I'm pretty sure getting trained via DVD will
    be nice. So pls inform me how can I get “Mind of
    a Healer” videos and also Level I Training videos.  

    Tks a lot Smile



    Katalin Dávid



    You can find all the informations here on the website. Somehow links are not working, but if you click Practitioners on the black line on top of this page, then become a FasterEFT Certified Practitioner here (it is a link in the text) you will find it.


    Best wishes,


    Florina Lungu

    Good day Katy, 



    I already read those pages, but I couldn't find the pages where I can order those DVD…

    In Products, I find now The mind of a healer but I steel miss the place where I can order Level I training course on DVD. 

    Sorry for bother u :).


    C.J. Gilbert

    Hi, As far as I can tell seminar Level 1 is not sold separately.


    Here's the link



    Scroll down and you will find FasterEFT – The
    Ultimate Training Course

    95 DVD’s of Power Training over 6552 minutes (more than 100 hours) of

    Ultimate Training Super Collection 95 DVDs
    Training Collection Seminars I, II, III

    Bonus: Mind of the Healer Series 6 DVDs
    This is a six week course on the beliefs of a Master Faster EFT works.
    It covers why we have problems, how to make the changes, what are
    problems how to address emotional overloads and so much more. It is
    little over 11 hours of training. It teaches the belief system and
    insider secrets.


    Karen Lebron

    So, there's no way to purchase just the Level I or Level II DVDs separately?  Finances can be tight for those of us who aren't looking at certifying at the highest level at this time.


    willow dan



    I hope we can purchase just the Level 1 DVD, for those who are tight with finances.




    Gail Jefferson

    I too have been trying to find out how to purchase DVDs needed for Practitioner Level I. I have ordered The Mind of a Healer Series and would like to know if it is possible to order DVDs on list for Level I Practitioner, or do I have to buy the full series? I am new to the internet and just learning to use computer. (Tapping for confidence!) I noticed there are downloads available to purchase and wonder if the required videos can be purchased this way.

    Thanks from an absolute beginner!Confused


    Gail Jefferson

    I have the answer to my previous question. I received an email from production to let me know I need to purchase the full set of DVDs. Posting this to say no need to respond to my question.


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