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    C L

    Can you give any gold nuggets for getting rid of fear/doubt of titrating down sleeping pills and being able to sleep even as I reduce the medicine?  Thank you.Laugh


    gone gone

    I am not a doctor, and I have never taken a sleeping pill.  I have suffered from fear and doubt, and still do, its a part of life.

    But I kept tapping and tapping and those unreasonable old beliefs disappeared. 

    I use herbal meds. Here's a list of things that have helped me. Ask your doctor or another doctor who knows about complementary medicine, how to do what you wish… It can be dangerous to your health if not done correctly.

    A gentle herb called Melissa or Lemon Balm in a tea can gently relax, it is safe.

    A peppermint tea can relax your gastrointestinal tract, which is where a lot of negative energy is stored for many of us.

    Valerian root is very strong and can be as dangerous as any barbituate (sp)  Please watch the dosage.

    Passion flower is effective.

    Melatonin is not a herb, it is a hormone, sold over the counter.  It has other benefits.

    Kava Kava is amazing, but can excite. 

    Definitely consult with a specialist on reducing and replacing the sleeping drugs…no joke. If the chemical structure of the herb interacts with the chemistry of what you are taking, then it can make the problem worse.  Use good, professional guidance.

    Also, Lavender essential oil in products and on your pillow will relax you, but not taken internally.

    Again, I am not a doctor. I am just a person who believes in the power of natural world.





    C L

    Thank you for so much information!  I appreciate it.  I have taken Ignatia and the 2nd day it works, then it doesn't.  I would love ideas for subjects to tap on.  I know I'm the only one who can do it.  Just need some guidance.


    gone gone

    What I perceive from your posts is that you are aiming at being whole.

    You are whole ,now, but the bits and parts and hstory and all the “slings and arrow of outrageious fortun” are still playing roles in you, which obscures your self view.

    So my advice is to tap on affirming your wholeness every time you tap on letting go of something you don't want.

    I believe this will help bring you into balance, and so heal up.

     Do you meditate? I mean really do it correctly from an established method?

    There are so many… pick one and  learn how to do it.

    Then your visualizations will become manifest in your favor, easier, without alot of more frustration.

    Just my opinion.

    Suggestions for tapping:

    “This feeling of fear and doubt about reducing my sleeping medication”

    “I realease this fear and doubt about reducing my sleeping medication”

    ” It is safe to let go of this fear and doubt about reducing my sleeping Medication.”

    ” I let it go”  ,”I just let it go” 

    “my fears about what will happen when I reduce my meds”

    “i let go of this fear”

    put an affirmation at the end about what you do want here or just say “peace”.


    Robert Smith has a video on healing magic channel which will help 

    Great luck to you… 


    if the video is missing

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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