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    Lise G

    I have looked at Gary Craigs EFT certification and the practitioners have accreditation letters after their names. Does this certification also provide that same kind of certification.


    I hope my question doesn't offend anyone.




    Robert G. Smith

    Here is some information that will help you.   FasterEFT will be the number one healing process in the world which is my belief.  




    Robert Cool


    Rachel Geller

    What about insurance? I'm interested in working with a professional medical body. So their first question is “are you licensed” and secondly, are you insured.

    Is FasterEFT recognized by an insurance company for comprehensive coverage?

    Does this matter?


    Joy W. Pan

    Hi Robert, 

    I don't know if this link might be helpful. I have a nephew who is a RN also has asked me just about the same thing. Tho he is quite nice about it and has years of dealing with situation similar to this. 


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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