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    I told myself to pick a food I really like…bagels!

    How do I know I like bagels?
    I can see it in my mind made just the way I like it.

    How do you like it made?
    It’s darkly toasted.

    What else about that do you like?
    It makes it especially crunchy.

    What about crunchy do you like so much?
    It makes me happy.

    What do you like to put on it?
    Mostly butter, sometimes cream cheese.

    And what do you feel when you eat this bagel that is darkly toasted, crunchy, and has butter on it?
    I feel loved, and kind of a warm and cozy overall feeling.

    So with each thing I added, I did a round of tapping, like: This darkly toasted bagel. This crunchy bagel. This bagel with butter on it.

    Then, I did this feeling of being loved, warm, and cozy. It’s safe to let this go. Bagels can’t love me.

    After that, it gets kind of muddled, as I’m not sure if I did it right. Would I keep testing the numbers and repeating until a bagel is just a bagel?




    Well, I can say that, yes, this is kind of how you do it. lol I recently bought some bagels, and, eh, I don’t get that feeling from them anymore. They really do appear to be simply bagels, simply food, with no emotion attached to them. Do I miss that they held more meaning before? NO! I’m relieved, very pleased!

    Does that mean I have it all figured out? Ha! I wish! But this was a good place to start, and I already have the next food item I want to work on. I’m also working on health issues, but they are proving to be more tenacious than food items. Have not found my health issues on this forum, nor on Robert’s YouTube videos, but I’ll keep looking, and I’ll keep tapping.



    It’s March 1, 2014, and since my last post, I have not bought anymore bagels, and when I’m in the store and I see them, they don’t mean anything. There is no conflict inside of me about should I, or shouldn’t I buy them. I know that if I want them, I have the freedom to get them, and interestingly, now with that new freedom, I have more of a sense of being in control than ever before.

    I know it may seem like a trivial thing. I mean, it’s only bagels, but I’ve been dieting since I was about 15 years old, and now, I’m 61. And just as Robert said, dieting is the fastest way to gain weight. All these many years of dieting, angst, punishment, and deprivation has only resulted in me gaining more and more weight, past the point that I thought I’d ever go.

    I refuse to diet anymore, and bagels are only a jumping off point for me, and as I get better at Faster EFT, I will see more results; so this is why I’m so pleased.

    Thank you, Robert G. Smith!!

    jemmi *_*


    Dale Adams

    Very good work Jemmi! Improving your life is done one decision at a time.



    Thanks, Meta355!
    I’m saving up for the Ultimate Weight Loss Package, because even though I’m really pleased with my “bagel triumph,” it doesn’t change all the other stuff going on in my mind regarding food, and eating when stressed, lonely, anxious, upset, etc. What I am excited about is knowing that finally, finally, I’m going to be able to have REAL & TRUE RESULTS, not all this yo-yoing with weight loss, and trying the latest diet, fad, gadget, pill, or packaged diet food that gets delivered to your home, etc. approach.

    Making peace within myself, and putting food in its proper place (meaning, it’s just food, nothing more), that’s how I will achieve weight loss success.



    Good Luck Jemmi! I to have battled a weight problem all my life. I now know that my past issues are a direct path to how I relate (or not) to what I eat. Mostly I just disconnect from food and keep stuffing it in! I have yet to tap on food issues directly as I have been busy tapping on other stuff but some of the other stuff has given me definate How Do I Know questions related to food. Please keep posting on your progress!



    Hi Mustang65,

    I saw this video, and I’ve been tapping along with it, and inserting the words of the foods that I’m working on, because I don’t bite my nails, and I do like chocolate, but it’s not an addiction.



    This is a very good starting point for me…thanks! i have not yet watched the videos dealing with food and weight loss yet. I tapped as I watched this one and will keep working on it. going on vacation in June and would love to to take off a few lbs and mostly have a healthier feeling about myself and take responsibility for my relationship with food!Smile



    Just a quick note to let you know that it’s been 9 months now since I tapped on bagels, and it has not come back, and I love that I don’t feel any anxiety now when I enter a grocery store, because my mind is not saying, “Bagels, bagels…” It is a wonderful feeling!

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