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    Nicolette Pragides

    Hi All…I have an issue im in the process of overcoming with my hynotherapist and been workin on….long story but ill give you the fast version and its pointless to dwell where i was too much…id rather focus on the present and my healling…I come from an abusive upbringing and alcoholic father and grew up in group homes…on my second marraige which is basically roomates since my sickness….I ended up with ulcerative colitis which led to cancer and being very sick….i had my colon removed completely and surgically replaced with a jpouch which causes me lots of nutritional problems which led to bone disease and detirioration of my bones…I lost my knee to a replacement and then ticaught a staff infection so for 5 months no knee and on major meds that caused more deterioration of my bones and teeth loss…had another knee put in and has still major loss and movement issues and was on cane and leg brace….i could no longer function without limp and many limitations……and with nutritional issues its a neverendin cycle…emotionally i struggle with pr and esteem issues…few months ago i started hypnotherapy sessions where weve been tappin, reimprinting and many techs….currently im off leg brace, off cane…knee bending halfway…and im healing…i have long road ahead but come so far..seems any time i have anxiety or issues…the knee stiffens as i carry it there…does anyone have any info or experiences with knee pain issues…i would apprec any advice…and can tappn work on digestive issues…

    gone gone

    Wow, you represent yourself so positively- and that, to me, shows that you will heal.

    I,too, had a serious body issue, and most people would never know who meet me.

    It took a while. I used a lot of visualization, massage, nutrition, yoga- and my favorite, T'ai chi chuan.

    Like tapping with your feet.  I tap everyday with the Faster eft technique, too.

    I practice and teach T'ai chi- the Yang family style.  It is an internal form, no woo woo, lots of body mechanics and breathing.

    Stepping, shifting weight, standing “up” turning and…..drum roll please,  BENDING.

    Always when you bend your knees, be able to see your toes. If you extend your knee past that angle, it will be unstable. 

    As you step, piezoelectric energy is collected and can be cultivated, directed by you. This is not a discussion that is part of the Yang Style. Expression of Chi is left for the individual to perceive.  But there are many T'ai chi teachers who will take your money for this. Caution. Since it is an Internal form, and you describe many internal processes in your post, I recommend Yang style. that is the name, but it is actually very yin and that will help. Write to me for further explanation if you are interested.

    here is the master teacher who has many sifus everywhere…. find one who is trained by William C.C. Chen and they will focus on the mechanics.

    There is a list of trained sifus on his site.  

    I am not commercially or directly associated with William C.C.Chen, but recommend him above others for your specific situation.


    Katalin Dávid

    Hi Peaceful Nic,


    Video #285 about how tapping heal the body, and there are tips on that which kind of memories to search for and clear out.  I don't know much about knee pains, but one of my friend has Parkinson, and I hope tapping can help him.


    And you may use video #83 and #84 to love your body again. Maybe it will attract something good to your life about digestive problems, too.


    Wish you healing.

    Edie Blount

    Hi Nic,


    Knee pain is one of my joint issues (along with ankles, shoulders, back and neck).  I believe these skeletal problems are the reselt of having had some issues dealing with feeling supported in the world, in the past.  One of the areas I've been tapping on is feeling a sense of self-support, especially when I am not getting the outside support for those I expect to be supportive.  I think the pain in my knees and ankles might represent the harboring of a paradigm that suggest I can't or will have difficulty supporting myself (in all areas of life).  I don't know if this will help you, but I frequently tap on letting go of the fear/anxiety that metaphorically represents “standing up straight” in the world and all aspects thereof.  I had to first learn to be there for myself before I could expect others to be there for me.


    I'm happy that you're seeing improvements and signs of healing.  Robert's YT videos have definetly helped me gain a greater sense of confidence in myself and feeling more in control of how I feel (physically and emotionally).  So, maintain that wonderful positive outlook you have, and I'm sure your condition will continue to improve.


    Best of life and healing to you–




    Hello,,I have to say,,each of you have good story.. I figured I was only one who had crap to deal with.I relied on ex so much its hard for me now..i I do get your point.. $ is my problem..My right knee,,,nap of my neck,,,stomach,,, hold a lot of pain etc..FEAR I tap a lot…FEAR was my life..
    I have curvature of spine..Ive tapped away a lot,but more comes up..

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