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    NOTE: I’m not implying that Lichen Sclerosis/BXO is a sexually-related autoimmune disorder. I saw that another person posted under this category regarding Vulvodynia, so I added my topic under this category as well. This area of the body does have to do with sexual matters, but it also has to do with bathroom functions as well. Plus, the Bladder Meridian is the largest of all the meridians, and maybe that ties in too. Those that have been trained by Robert G. Smith may know if it is related, but I personally do not. This just seemed like a convenient category under which to post.

    I have had LS for several years, and have run the gamut of symptoms, and also trying to find the answer to get rid of it. For those that are unfamiliar with Lichen Sclerosis (Sclerosus), the skin of the genital area is affected. It rarely involves or affects the vagina. Intense itching is among the main symptoms, but symptoms vary among individuals. Open lesions, pain, burning. Lichen = changes in skin color, so there can be patches of opaque white on the skin. The tissue can thin out and become fairly fragile. Sclerosis = thickening, so areas of the skin can take on a hardened feel to it. The Labia Minora disappears. There are other things that can happen as well. This can happen at any age, and to either gender, but they do have a separate name for each gender. For the men, BXO can affect the tip of the penis, they can get lesions on their glans or scrotum. The skin can also take on patches of opaque white. Beyond that, I don’t know much more.

    The skin (and sometimes nerve) damage occurs due to responding to the intense itching. Once you “scratch” the itch, it creates more itching (the itch-scratch- itch cycle), then the skin swells from inflammation. There can be burning, pain, and open sores (lesions). Peeing can be a nightmare, and from a support group online, I have found that some use a squirt bottle of water to use on the skin at the same time as peeing, so the urine does not touch the skin. And some have actually had to get in a bathtub of water in order to urinate. THAT is how sensitive that area of the body can be affected. There is even more physical problems that can result, but I won’t go into that. Oh, and it can also affect the anal area. When both areas are affected, It’s called the “Circle 8.” I’m very grateful I don’t have that!

    I find the AMA doctors fairly worthless, because they are trained to either give you pills to alleviate and cope with symptoms, or they want to do surgery. The main medication they prescribe is a potent steroid called Clobetasol. It mainly stops the itching, but there can be side effects, and sadly, for a small percentage, it can make the symptoms worse. I won’t touch the stuff.

    I have spent every last dime I have trying to heal myself from this. I realize that it is an “inside job.” I have created this. I have gone to holistic/alternative practitioners for years, but no relief. I have done regular EFT as well, and nothing. Occasionally, I have brief periods of time (like a couple of days), where I have relief, then it all comes back again.

    Now I have been tapping for a few months with Faster EFT, and still nothing, BUT I feel Faster EFT is THE ANSWER to “release and let go” whatever it is that I have been so successfully rehearsing and keeping alive all these years. So now I am saving up to have a session with a F-EFT practitioner. The past is over, and I can let it all go and not care about what I’ve been through, nor the physical damage it has caused if I can look forward to healing and being past it already.

    If I had the money, I’d go to the upcoming seminar in Las Vegas. That would be wonderful! But I hope for those that do go that they will post on this website and share, but if not, then I look forward to viewing YouTube videos in the near future. But mainly, my aim is to get help from a F-EFT practitioner. I truly believe then it will pack its bags and leave permanently! I look forward to it!

    Take care!

    jemmi *_*



    I had a session with a Level 3 practitioner, and was helped with a very troublesome memory. I felt a shift in my emotions, much more free inside. There’s been a lessening of the symptoms, but not eliminated; and even this has fluctuations, in that some days are better (or worse), than others.

    I remember initially having about two days of peace and I had energy, and renewed interest in doing things and going places. Then the symptoms returned, and I’m still struggling with them. So I will have about one good day a week, and the other days vary in intensity.

    As I improve my skills in tapping and aiming, I hope to see real changes; permanent changes. Right now, I am evidently far more successful in creating these physical problems for myself.

    I go to YouTube nearly every single day and tap along. I’m not giving up!

    jemmi *_*



    Congratulations on your continued journey toward healing And getting to work with a practioner. It is good that you felt an emotional shift occur and that you had some relief. For me, I would be encouraged by the days of peace and energy that you did experience and knowing now that with continued tapping RELIEF and then HEALING CAN and WILL occur PERMANENTLY! Our mind and its ability to create never ceases to amaze me and I appreciate how you refer to it as an “inside job” ! I do believe that is true. Reaching for the next best thought and Feeling good in any moment is where I want to stay focused. Asking how do I know I have this problem and who will I be without this problem? are great questions to help take aim at the old memories and fears that no longer serve us and help eleminate the repetitive behaviors and issues that manifest from them. Stay aware of resistance cause it too is your friend! It will give you lots info on how you know! Be the observer. Keep tapping and stay Focused on Healing and Allowing Good Feeliings no matter what!
    Best Wishes

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