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    Thomas James

    Hi, I hope your are well and happy!

    Facts: I have been married 45 years and the accumulated unresolved
    conflicts are so immense and blended together that I cannot get to one
    foundational memory to tap on.  It is very confusing.

    Question: Can I tap (expecting success) on the 'whole file' as i
    identify specific emotions and tap on them?

    Many Thanks!

    Tommy Confused


    Nina Zamudio

    Hi Tommy,

    While I think a general approach is viable, it seems like it would be just scratching the surface, especially if you're saying you're wanting to resolve 45 years worth of issues.

    For instance, tapping on the general feeling of rejection from your family might lead to you specifically remember a specific memory when your brother said that you didn't belong in the family or your mom forgot you at the store or you dropped a winning shot in a sport in front of your dad and he gave you “that look” and didn't speak to you for days.    

    So yes, you can start with a general approach but you'll find that “family” may lead you to breaking down each specific person in the family.  Or work stresses may lead you to specific memories of your FIRST job, etc.

    I only bring this up because while going too broad might work,  if it doesn't, going for more specific memories of what is tied to the feelings might be what you need.  

    I would start tapping on your apprehension of your approach to tapping.  Wink


    When going specific, as Robert suggests in another post somewhere here in the forum:

    Tap on the faces and their expressions, on the actions, what they said, the tone of voice, the emotions and feelings until you make it into what you want.  Rewriting what you hold within you give a brighter future.  Robert Cool


    Julia Albath


    yes, you can tap on the “whole file”. As you experienced, people often  have so many experienced of one kind that they all go together. Like when I ask you to think about driving, you don't remember specific instanced, but rather a collage.

    usually, there are a few events that stand out, tap on those. 

    Also, make sure you watch video 118 and make your list. The experiences in early life are really foundational and you should tap on those until and switch them into something positive.

    As Nina wrote, as you are tapping, specific, sometimes seamingly unrelated memories show up, write them down and tap it out.

    Let us know how it goes.




    Thomas James

    Wow! and Thanks!  Actually, i started on this present layer yesterday PM and went through a long list of specific negative emotional responses….i.e., disappoint, resentment, et al. The frazzled stuff on the surface melted away and i slept very well last night.  A


    Another related question addresses 'layers' where the memories/emotions have been tapped on previously.  some new triggers come along and you wonder if you have done any good at all.  (I am answering the question as i ask it!)  so the answer is that there are multiple layers of memories and one must work through the layers as they come to the surface of awareness.  It seems the heart accumulates a lot of trash when one has lived as long as myself. HAHAHAHA!


    Nina Zamudio

    Tommy – you're not old, you're only halfway there!   (don't let my 86 year old mom hear you say that you're old, she'll smack yaWink)


    And yep, you answered your own questions. Layer, tap, another layer, tap, tap, tap, layer, tap…

    I think many of us in our prime (hahaha) have become set in our ways in more ways than we know, our responses seem to be “fixed” or sort of just…knee-jerk responses. THOSE are the ones that the tapping really helps and many times we don't even consider them issues! 


    There's a method to curing our madness… tapping!


    Enjoy letting it all goLaugh


    Thomas James

    Okay, here's the deal.  I made a list of about 20 toxic emtions that I could identity.  then I grouped them into logical order(similar or related).  Then I asked my heart (subconscious) to recall all important events and their records for each item on the list. This led to tapping on a lot of specific events and the toxic emotional content.  I repeated the process twice again(three times in three days).

    Then the headaches began. Temporal with neck tension. These have been debilitating. (See the tread on Headaches after tapping)

    Now i am drinking lots of water and I recalled two observations made as I have worked with other Christians as a minister(long time, Nina)

    The observations are these: People have toxic energies  which I would place in two classes. 1. Emotional and 2. Demonic. When I work with them, I am always tooooo tired when the session is done.   Conclusions:  We release toxic emotional(spiritual) energies from other people and ourselves when we tap and focus on the release.  This can cause accute energy depletion and a sense of fatigue for us as well.  If this is a valid observation then I need to know how to protect myself from this discharge of toxic emotion.  Dehydration is also another problem as we release our positive energy/spirit to help the other person.

    WUWU! I know, but I've doing this for a long time, Nina….HAHAHA!Laugh

    The question still remains as to how do we regenerate and how we might protect our energies when we work on ourselves and with other people.

    Any ideas?



    The other day, I was trying to communicate with my subconscious, 1st by pendulum with no luck, then with finger movements, and still no luck, so I asked my subconscous to come up with a way to communicate.  It came as a strong intuition.  As I asked the Q's, the answer just popped up, so I started testing.  What I realized was that the subconscious is very powerful, and works to acheive your requests.  I tap my subconscious not to accept anything damaging to me, and to block any damaging self talk.  I will tap the “sneeze fits” on day 22 once I am in habit of Positive Intention talk.  Hope this helps.

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