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    Chrisi Darrington

    Hi Everyone,

    In general I am not seeing fast relief or permanant relief of my current issues. But I understand that they are deep and will require quite a bit of tapping to find the relief I seek. However, I was wondering if it is possible to have a delayed relief to tapping. Sometimes I will feel my anxieity lesson after tapping, but not right away. It can be several minutes or a bit longer.

    I don't know if it's just timing or if it's tapping.

    Because I am I think premenopausal, I have ups and downs sometimes quite quickly. Yet, it's confusing because a little good news and I'm feeling so much better, something else that disapoints will take me down fast.

    All my life I have gone through many difficult things that created “situational depression” such as a death of a family member or an abusive father and step mother. Going through these thigns all my life I have still had a very even temper and in general wake up and go to bed with a ballanced feeling of wellness.

    It is hard to describe but it is confusing how I feel these days. Most of my stress I “think” has to do with the fact that our financial status is going to be relying on my ability to make money instead of having my husband take care of us. He gets SSD which is a blessing but when his workmans comp runs out I have to replace that income. I have started to do this now, but you know it is still a worry.

    I have not been able to tap away the ups and downs of having to work on my own (my internet businss) or fear of not being able to succeed.

    It comes and goes. There are times when I have confidence and hope, then other times like now when the anxiety creeps in and brings me down.

    I could get an offline job at some point, but until I can tap away my back pain I really couldn't work offline. I stopped taking Norco because it seemed to enhance my menopausel (or whatever) depression.

    I guess I'm just sort of sharing my fears and anxiety here with you guys. I'm stressing and needing to tap on it.

    thanks for listening,



    Robert G. Smith


    Robert G. Smith

    Here is the deal with your physical reactions.  First write down all the thing that are stressing you.  Everything.  All the changes that are occuring, and your relationship with your husband as well.  All the what you don't wants.  Then start with one and start  tapping on that one issue until you realize that you can do all you can do and just make the best out of it or change directions, or let it go.  Start working on you.  Make peace and make love in  your life.  Robert Cool


    Katalin Dávid

    Hi, Chrisi,Smile


    I, too, noticed many times this delayed relief. Mostly, I can't cleared out stuff one day, and after a sleep I woke up, and those, I worked on the other day, seemed meaningless.

    And me needed much time to clear things out, but I am not very skilled at FasterEFT. I really looking forward to the TapFest in Hungary in May.

    And in 2009 August I almost comitted suicide, so if tapping worked for me, it will for you, too, I am sure.


    Best wishes,


    Chrisi Darrington

    Thanks Robert and Kati, 🙂  I'm working on both the lists, my positive one and the one to tap on. Laugh

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