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    Hi All!
    I’m new to this & i’m very bad at this computer stuff, so I hope I am posting in the right place, with the right headline.

    I have a great job, make good money( for me) , have a great house, yet this is not what I want!

    Ive been living in this country for 18 years and feel I do not belong here!
    Unfortunately (& fortunately ☺️) my parents moved countries with me at least six times during my childhood & I have no idea where I “belong”.
    I have travelled the world for a place to call home, but still no sign of it.

    SO…can I TAP to find peace within?
    I know its not about where I am physically, it’s about inner peace, where I am emotionally.
    Must be so something I can TAP on to help.

    I would like to TAP to release my beautiful Olive Farm, that somehow I cannot get sold as I ‘FEEL’ I have no where to go.
    I would like to TAP to accept leaving my job, which I do LOVE but is inappropriate for my age already & not have fear of how to get by after.
    I would like to TAP to let go of the ‘angry’ & claustrophobic feelings I hold when I think I may have to stay in this country, if I don’t find a way out.
    I would like to TAP to find my ‘HOME’ ….even if it be, just some peaceful place within!

    If anyone can help….I’ll really appreciate it.



    Although I have not been doing this for very long, I would say that yes you can TAP on all the lines in this post. You may want to start with your sense of “belonging” and what it is that you REALLY want? Have you written in a peace journal or a happy journal? It is a good starting point. What do you want to release and let go of? As you start this process of letting go of your fears, the problems fade away as well. Allow yourself to entertain the thought of Who will you be without these problems? In doing so you WILL find the INNER PEACE that is yours!
    Hope this is helpful.
    Best Wishes

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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