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    I know this forum is kinda abandonned but I want to add two of my experiences with FasterEFT.

    I did FasterEFT on ‘Doing the Dishes’. Each day, I’d tap visualizing myself doing the dishes. I tapped until I was indifferent about doing the task. I just tapped. Never forcing myself to clean dishes once. Then one day, I found myself handling dishes and getting the job done. Till this day, I still ‘do the dishes’ without any hesitations. Didn’t have to tap on this pretty much. Consistency until behaviour settled in by itself.

    My 2nd one was on a video game named World of Warcraft. There’s this event that runs on sundays that I really wanted to win. It is the ‘Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza‘. What does a player have to do? They have to fish in schools of fishes until they have enough items to turn in. We’ll I did tap on fishing in those schools of fishes. Everyday, at least 3 times, I’d tap myself fishing ingame. Eventually, I became indifferent to fishing. I could fish for hours on end.

    But I made a mistake. The problem I wanted to tackle was multifaceted. I should have tapped on other players fishing in the same pools. The tournament itself. The low quantity of items per pools. I got rid of only one part of a problem. Anyway, I left the game as it is unfun and never got my reward (ring). But I learned something from tackling this problem.

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