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    Melissa Sixbey

    Hi all
    So my husband is an alcoholic the last serious relationship I had also an alcoholic and my father is an alcoholic. None of these people are abusive or violent toward me. I have accepted that my dad is an alcoholic very functional and has no intention to stop drinking. With my husband I am angry at him for drinking, I try to control his drinking worry about him getting a second DUI and constantly feel betrayed when he drinks. He was hiding it so I told him he can drink if he wants to -but i really don’t want him too I just want him to stop I am
    Unsure of where to start. I know that I need to clean up myself so I can feel better. I have a difficult time tapping bc I don’t know how to flip the memories so that there is no alcohol in it or to make it better and he has drank most nights for the last 10 years. Except he stopped drinking for a year and just started up again. The year he stopped it was bc I told him if he drank the marriage is over, but I see it differently now. I never liked him drinking but feel bad because I see him more threw the lens of him as an alcoholic but he has many wonderful qualities and he really is a great person.
    Thanks for the help


    Rita Montague

    I got over my anger and resentment of my husband after about 3.5 rounds of tapping. It was the very first thing I tapped on so I was not an expert.

    I was angry because he had gotten in such a bad state of health because of his own bad decisions. He had smoked since he was 9 and he is now in his 60’s. He is obese because he just eats what he wants. After about 3 heart attacks over the years and several stents and no change in lifestyle, he ended up needing a coronary artery bypass (open heart surgery). I was very angry and resentful because he had been warned by doctors, family and even comments on T.V. to no avail.

    When he got home from the hospital this time I had to do everything for him and I was sick with bronchitis. So, I was highly angry and resentful. I wouldn’t have felt this way if he had come down with some awful disease that he hadn’t contributed to. I know we all contribute to our issues but I didn’t know that at the time.

    Anyway, I just thought of my anger and resentment and started to tap to let the feelings go so I could stop being miserable about something I could not fix in him. I didn’t think about him having to change. I just wanted to change my attitude.

    It doesn’t matter how long your husband has been drinking. Just tap on yourself for yourself. As to flipping, I didn’t need to do that but I’ve done it with other issues. At the end of the tapping when things are pretty well tapped down, I just make up an ending to the situation that makes me feel better. It didn’t happen but in my pretending, it did. Then I just went onto another issue. I have plenty of issues that are not being addressed as quickly, but I have hope because of the rapidity of my first tapping experience.

    I hope you will be able to do this, too. If it doesn’t happen right away, continue to tap but start tapping on other issues until you hit upon one that responds quickly. That will give you confidence to continue.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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