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    Blue Wings

    Hi dear tapping mates!


    I have been experiencing constant, sharp pain in all my upper body since one year now. I feel like all my nerves are tense and the pain gets worse when I experience stressful events. I started to work on it with Faster EFT two weeks ago by starting cleaning up memories around the period I experienced this pain first. Unfortunately, it didn't change the pain at all.


    I also tried to tap on all aspects around it with no results. I am 500 % sure that the pain is related to some memories with emotions buried inside of me. But the problem is that for me my life was pretty peaceful. When I tap, I can not recall big traumas, and I have the illusion that I don't have any. This doesn't only happen for this problem, but also for other problems. 


    If this resonates with you, have you ever experienced it before ? What are your advice in that case ? Maybe there is an other protocol to follow ?


    Thanks a lot for your attention !



    Hi Tapman,


    When it comes to Physical Sensations (Pain, Fatigue), I AIM directly AT the Sensation.  I ONLY Work from the Memmories, Emotions and Critical thinking when I can NOT move the Sensations directly.

    I am EXTREMEMLY Succussful Doing it this way.

    You can read about how I progressed and some of my Experiences on the Thread:

    What a Beautiful Loving Day!   Located in the Pain Section!

    Best of LUCK to YOU!



    Dale Adams

    There is a bit of acceptance that has to come with pain, esp when you are working on yourself. That is because the mind you are working with created the problem in the first place. If you don't go to zero on the Pain-o-meter right away don't lose hope! This is where persistence really is needed. The Art of change is about asking better questions. When did it start? Is a good one. How do I know I have a problem is next.  Who will I be without this problem? What will I lose if I let it go? There are many others, but for now-write down those answers. As you finish each round and observe your feelings look for other cues to open the door to your healing. You are not broken. Trust me, you got this.


    Dale Adams

    I would look to earlier in your life. It is best (esp. since you are so motivated) to start from the start! What was the family situation you were born into? (don't answer) How did you feel about yourself growing up? All the information you operate with is ok. It is yours. This is why a “Peace Journal” is so important.


    Blue Wings

    Thank you very much CompletelyHealed and meta355 for your reply ! It gave me hope to tap my pain away for good!


    I have tried to tap on the sensation directly but with no success. I guess that the structure of the problem should be more complex in order to be broken down. 


    I ask the questions you mentioned meta355, and even other questions that I found in Robert's YouTube videos. I tapped on them and cleared some memories but my pain was still there.

    The problem is that the moment the pain began to show up is blurry for me, even after 2 weeks of full day tapping. I even wrote down a timeline of my life in my Peace journal, watched almost all the pictures of my childhood I have in the hope to recall some traumas or bad memories. Now I feel that they are buried deeply and my mind doesn't want to recall them !


    I am still tapping on it, and I believe that finally I will dig out some traumas ! Persistence is the key !


    Babita Sinha

    Blue wings,please update your progress.

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