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    alain panoart

    Here is one hypnosis-like booster tip I sometime use to intensify the taping efficiency :

    When you have your problem, imagine you are teletransported directly on the chair in Oklhaoma city with your prefered taper on your side 😀

    imagine the audience in front of you, you explaining your problem, then Robert pre-saying the phrases before you and the audience do it.

    You can imagine the tap done by Robert too but I found taping on both side with hands crossed give some dual-presence sensation…

    You can be you or identify with one subject with a problem similar to your on a video that stroke you at the time.

    And don't be scary : there is no such thing like hypnosis 😀


    Katalin Dávid


    Nice ideas, Alain.

    And if somebody has a good cloning procedure, maybe he/she could share. Some plus Robert, and whole humanity will be healed in a few years.Smile


    Nice days to you,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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