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    Years ago, a friend and myself would get into long conversations about stuff and during these times we became aware of how one or the other would change or take over the conversation without the other person noticing it. We began to jokingly call it Olympic Speaking…Who could steal the conversation away from the other. As I am trying to be more mindful of trances and how they effect even my everyday interactions with others, I decided to really take notice of the art of conversation. I went out with a friend and instead of being part of the trance (not sure if that is how to explain it)of the conversation I I just focused on staying aware of how she was conversing. It was very interesting to see how we communicate with each other. She is a great deflector if the subject turned to something she did not want to address she would change the subject really smooth and quickly (gold metal). As time went on I would forget my focus and get sucked into the conversation and trance. Conversations are trances, right? I would catch myself and change the subject back. I eventually told what I was doing and we had a good laugh, For me this is kinda fun. It seem like a great way to practice moving in and out of trances even if there is not a problem going at the moment. I will keep practicing!



    I know that this is a part of hypnosis, right? I just think for me it is a fun, non threatning way to incorporate some of this information I have recently learned. I realize I love some of the trances I have created for myself. ( I have been happy journaling). I also realize that I can tap and get rid of the ones that are negative and no longer serve me. Now I can also be aware of when I am in a trance state (hopefully)positive or negative . I have kinda always known that I do this but now I have a some vocabulary and some skills to put with it. I can do this!Smile

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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