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    Since I was kid, I always liked one or the other girl but always for some reason either I didn`t do anything or I got rejected the few times that I tried something. During those years, I have always been too shy when it comes to girls, and generally I wasn`t the person that I would go out with friends because my family was against it and because I was too tired after a day full of after school lessons. So you undestand that I wasn`t a popular dude in school that`s why even the one time that I ask a girl that I like she rejected me kindly.


    So the years were going and reached the age or 19 when I had to go to the uni. There I meet a girl, who basicly, she asked me out, by that I got really confident for some days but after few times going out, bad things happepend which ruined every confidence that I might had built those days. Later on I heard a really hot girl liked me, but because of few days delay, another dude made a movement before me so bad timing(actually untl I overcome my shock) ruined it for me. But still from that I got much confidence about myself again for sometime.That was until last year when I meet a girl that seemed to really go along with my ideas and personality. I did asked her out(the only one in my life;p) and we went several times but for some reason, she start making distance from me, and even though I asked her what was going on, I would still not get an answer so I though it would be better to stop trying to talk to her since she obviously did not want to talk but secretly having a hope that she would do something so we don`t break apart but that never happened. It`s been about 4-5 months since then and I still feel bad about it, it`s been the last week that I feel a bit better (maybe because of tapping) but I am sure when I see her again in front of me it`s going to be like a big punch into my face. The question of what I did wrong, or why she couldn`t be honest comes to my head all the time, trying to see things from different views but still I never got an explanation.


    They say that finding any other girl that would make you forget, I did try that but I felt like I wasn`t fair with the other girl and it didn`t really help so I stopped everything blaming something else so she wouldn`t feel bad about it. Right now I am 21, still a virgin, if that matters, and trying to get a good self-esteem. I think I am going pretty good about it but when it comes to action, I am way back, I am not sure what to blame, my lack of experience, my shiness, my fear of rejection, don`t know.


    From where do you think it`s better to stat tapping?


    Julia Albath



    I would start with the memory that has the strongest emotional pull to it. Tap on it until it no longer feels like it is your memory. It should be like you are watching someone else's life. If the memory hasn't already changed then change it: if you could rewrite your history, how would you relive this experience. 

    when you have worked through all your memories, you need to find other ways  you are supporting the rejection. Always ask: How do I know? How do you know fear rejection? How do you know what rejection feels like? How do you know those experiences are experiences of rejection? 

    If you can, find a tapping buddy. It's always easier to see what is going on with others then with ourselves. A tapping buddy can help you make faster progress. Practitioners are also trained in seeing the connections and helping you let go.




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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