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    Greg Horner

    I was running ultra marathons and an all around physically active lifestyle geek, until 12 years ago, around the age of 40. I was diagnosed with CFS/ME. I tried to contradict that diagnosis for years, investigating other causes, but recently committed myself to accepting this diagnosis and self treatment.

    A major component of this issue for me is non-restorative sleep, waking frequently in pain, sore joints, physical tension, sore all over. It’s worse when I attempt to exercise or exert myself physically during the day before my sleep. Back when this all started my initial symptoms were an inability to recover fully from workouts. And that’s how I feel when I wake; non recovered, non restored, unrefreshed. I cut back on my training to the point I avoid exercise now, gained 50 lbs, and generally don’t feel good most of the time.

    I’ve been trying FEFT for a few weeks and feel some benefits. I’m using it as a form of CBT and I believe in it. But it does not appear to be helping my sleep issue. And I’m unsure how to tap or deal with it. Even when I feel the wave of a positive shift that day while tapping, it seems later my brain defaults back to its non restorative habits while sleeping, which doesn’t make sense to me.

    Any suggestions?


    Dale Adams

    Write out your Peace Journal. Write down everything that ever upset you. Sounds like a lot of painful work but, you will find the key to the problem when you uncover how your subconsious created this. The subconcious works with metaphors and percieved memories to create strategies that are intended to keep us safe. The S-C is not logical. That's why many times we'll see Robert tapping on a client for one problem, and and an emotional driver that logically has nothing to do with anything comes up. Robert taps on it and the original problem collapses. So investigate everything you can. Keep watching the videos too!

    Robert Wierzbicki

    Greg Horner

    That's interesting and thanks for the reply. I appreciate the feedback. I had not thought my poor sleep quality issue as being defined as insomnia. I always thought insomnia was difficulty falling asleep or waking up and not being able to get back to sleep. Not my problem. Now that I looked it up, poor quality sleep is also a form of insomnia. I don't have a problem falling asleep, I feel quite peaceful at bedtime, or I can meditate myself to sleep. But my problem is when I wake, either in the morning after 7-8 hours, or throughout the night sometimes, I have pain. It's a full body, joint, muscular, down to the soul pain. It feels like a physical tension or panic attack, but without the emotional panic. Emotionally I just feel pissed off that it's still happening after 12 years. It's similar to coming out of anaesthetic, or getting up from being knocked out, like waking from some type of death. A drastic description for sure, but that's how it feels. And it intensifies after a day of exercise, which now-a-days is just a 20-30 min walk, or shovelling the drive, or chopping some wood, which I normally try to avoid these days, but it's inevitable I need to exert myself physically from time to time. And when I do, guaranteed that night will be a whopper of a disturbed sleep. 


    So lets to back in time; as a kid I had a few concussions and knock outs with sports, had a few years of migraines and headaches as a teenager. The last ultra marathon put me in the hospital. I felt so bad I dialled 911 on myself when I got home, seriously thought I was going to perish. Have not been able to exercise since then, although I feel the year prior was when my exhaustion issues were beginning, many workouts without a proper recovery, and it was a stressful year at work, but nothing new. I shouldn't have raced that day, but stuck it out to the end of the 50k, and it all went downhill from there.


    I tried tapping on this but don't get anything. I feel the same exhaustion and related symptoms now as I did then, pretty much staying the same all these 12 years, not as intense as when I dialled 911, but similar. I don't know what I'm tapping away other than these somatic symptoms. All my emotion is just anger and frustration at being in this state. 


    Any other suggestions?


    Hi ,Im tapping.I came up with weird feelings behind my eyes..Like falling forward..My balance off???I sleep fine..Just this feeling,like headache coming,or going to feel dizzyZ???Have pain in nap neck…I have been complaining a lot to get rid of this crap Im HOLDING onto..Ive tapped on all. Im not sure if all cleared up.I don’t work as good as Robert does. I have to work along side with him.Feels nice.It could be another issue coming up??anyone have this feeling?what have u done,got it cleared up?????EmbarassedLaugh

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