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    I’m looking for some new direction with EFT and open to suggestions. I have had some pain related symptoms going back 20 years. I injured an ankle then and since then have had a slight distortion in my body. I do have some reason to believe that that “distortion” predated the injury but seemed to be exacerbated afterwards–old photos show me the year after the ankle injury with the shoulder on the injured side raised and the opposite shoulder lowered. I went on to experience years of tightness, pain and discomfort working at the computer in office jobs and had mixed experiences with exercise. I was able to do everything but jog although other activities occasionally left me strained. As things got tighter/more painful, I eventually dove in and tried various bodywork approaches (e.g., acupuncture, cranial sacral, trigger point, etc.) as well as embracing TAT and EFT among other things. I long had a “nervousness” or “restlessness” (for lack of better word) in my feet–moving them back and forth when at rest, but starting with cranial sacral treatments, the feet movements opened up into greater circling of my feet and limbs. This has always been under my control–that is, I can stop it and I can create the space for it to continue. As I moved forward (no longer with cranial sacral but continuing EFT and others), it seemed that the circling had its phases. An emotional build up would come and then a yawn would release. Later, the process would restart. (Again, though, I could get up and walk away and end this at any moment.) So, here I am in the present: these odd symptoms continue, though less than a year ago, and I feel clear strains on the side where I injured the ankle. I do sometimes have a sense of some tightness on the more compressed side. My body is distorted but it’s subtle enough that most wouldn’t notice. With EFT I’ve gone through quite a list of life events and know that some of them I could still go back through, but I haven’t seemed to find a way to get at the root of this. It feels rather primal, in a sense. I don’t have a history of great traumas (and, oh, I come up as very healthy on medical exams). If this is something that comes out of my very young self but for which there are no visual memories, how can I get at this? Much thanks in advance.

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