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    Hi my name is Adriana,


    I have been dealing with panic attacks for about two years and have gotten worse the past two months. I had a

    session with a Faster EFT practitioner but still experiencing the scary symptoms. I am still going to have more

    sessions with my practitioner but I want to know how I properly tap on myself without the practitioners help. My

    main fears/concern/scary memories with panic attacks is the symptoms I get with them. I all of sudden start feeling

    that my throat starts closing up, starts getting dry, itchy, hurting and feeling like i cant breath, I start swallowing a lot

    and it gets worse. It starts getting worse the more the time goes by and even when I tap on these symptoms they

    have sometime go and sometimes they dont and get worse. The times when I am able to control my panic attack of

    these symptoms it goes to my stomach because of all the fear I experienced when trying to stop the panic attack from

    occurring,  and then it start feeling the burning/nauseous sensations and I may have a panic attack because of these

    new symptoms, It is a vicious cycle and more often than not I got back to the I can t breath sensations and back

    again to the burning/nauseous symptoms…UGH!!! What I want to know is how do I address these symptoms. The

    symptoms is what scares me the most of these panic attacks. I also have noticed a pattern of panic attacks, they seem

    to get worse in the evening/night around the same times. I have gone to bed feeling these horrible symptoms and

    wake up with a fear sensation(stomach butterfly) in starting the new day. I got to bed with the symptoms and fear

    and wake up the same. PLEASE! any advice would be helpful.



    I see that this is an old topic, but maybe it will help someone. I asked Lizzie, an FEFT practitioner, questions about panic and listed below is her response. The last paragraph talks about the bodily sensations.

    Tap! When you tap notice your fingers touching your skin, notice the sensation. When you go to peace I want you to really try and feel peace. Don’t just say it.
    Or go to a good memory, something that makes you feel good. Or force a smile and really try and allow yourself to feel it. Or be someone that you know that is happy or at peace. Imagine what it feels like to be them.

    You may find yourself wanting to go back to the panic, to fixate on it. You think that you need to be thinking about it, controlling it, keeping it away. Now that is the very thing that is keeping ‘it’ there. So it is very important to start scrambling the message. This takes effort and practice. And can involve all kinds of things; tapping, star jumps, watch a comedy, force a laugh, try and notice the present as much as possible, listen to music that makes you feel good.

    At first I found it very hard to tap on myself and got a practitioner to help me. When I was strong enough I would address the worst of the worst. For me that was the belief that I was dying, going insane, losing the world… I kept addressing that. I would notice how in my head I believed it to be true. I might have a memory, have a feeling or/and a knowing. So I would use faster eft to release that by tapping on what is there.and keep going until there is no charge left or that the memory flips to positive.

    You may have moments of asking Why, and trying to understand it all. My advice is to stop that. Just tap and say; ‘I don’t know why, it’s ok, just let it go.’ The asking of Why and trying to understand leads to more pain, more of what you don’t want. It took me a good year to realise this. Now I don’t do it, or at least catch myself doing it and stop it quicker.

    Questions for you: Ask yourself when did the panic begin? ‘What else was happening at that time or before, maybe even a year before? Where there any emotional traumas, significant events that stand out?’ Clear those up. Clear up any other major events in your life with the tapping.

    A big part of panic is the shame and embarrassment, the hiding. I actually believe panic stems from this. The repression of self, wanting to please others and shutting other people out. If you can relate to that notice how you know, feel it as strong as you can and say something like; ‘it is ok to be me, to express myself, to feel this’ etc. And practice sharing how you feel with others, but don’t turn the panic into your identity. It is not who you are.

    Panic like all problems is all about resistance. It comes about from something we don’t want. After the initial panic we are left not ever wanting to panic again. So we are often left panicking about the panic! Try tapping and say ‘I want this, I love the panic, bring it on. I can’t wait for this’. Why? you may be saying. Because remember it is all about resistance, What we resist persists. So face the resistance and encourage it! And remember, in reality there is nothing to face. We are making it up, doing it to ourselves because we know how, because we believe we are keeping ourselves safe.

    There is another approach (Focusing) but it may take you a while, or you may need to calm yourself a bit first before you try it. The idea is that you fist get comfortable and notice your body supported and notice that some parts of your body are calm. Check your toes for example they may be nice and calm or still. Then go to the part that wants your awareness in your body. Just notice whilst you are tapping. See if you can say hello in your mind to that part of you. Imagine it is like a small child and you are holding its hand. Send it compassion and kindness whilst breathing into it.

    You might want to try and describe it. Imagine you are a scientist and you really want to know it. Really have a close look and describe it. Take the label off it, i.e fear, anger. If it feels really pushy, or wants to move etc, see if you can encourage it to do so. Notice what happens when you do this.

    When you are in a ‘panic’ come out of the story as much as you can. You will probably be catastrophising in your head. Telling yourself all kinds of scary things. I want you to try and stop that. Just notice your breath, tell yourself ‘it is ok’. ‘I am doing the best I can’ ‘I am loveable’ ‘I am ok right now’. Keep coming out of the story. Just notice your fingers touching your skin. Slow your mind down. You can do this by repeating a phrase and say it really slowly (Nick Kemp ‘Voice Tempo’). Say it again twice as slow. Notice the gaps in between.

    You may find yourself obsessing over every sensation you feel in your body. How your heart feels, how your breath feels etc. It is important to tap on that too. I started off by tapping and saying; ‘Let it go, let it go’. But I realised after a time that I was trying to escape the sensation, to get rid of it and so I bought in the words; ‘It is ok to feel this’ as I tapped. You can also notice the focus on your body and tap and say ‘it is ok to let go of the focus, of the obsession with my body. It is safe to trust my body.’

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