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    Ed Schicatano


     The notion of a pattern interupt being an explanation for how tapping works is interesting.   When I think about pattern interupts, I think there are two types:  

     1. Short-term pattern interupt.   For example,  you're craving food, and suddenly you're distracted by something (your child crying in the next room, you spilled something, you tap using EFT).   In the short term, this will thwart an immediate desire or interupt a behavior.     

    2. Long-term pattern interupt.   I'm thinking about a larger pattern of behavior here.  Like the “programs” that RS talks about.  For example, the program that runs when you start to feel depressed, or bad, and you suddenly reach for a candy bar or a cigarette.  Obviously these programs have many references that support them.    But this type of program is more difficult to extinguish.   Thus, simple tapping might not permanently interupt this pattern.   However, tapping persistently, while making reframes, and changing the language associated with the problem and knocking down the references associated with the pattern DOES WORK.   But it takes more than just tapping.


        Lastly, I watched a video from the great NLP practitioner Andrew Austin.  In the video he asked a participant to think about an emotional issue.  It was rated as a 9 by the participant.  While the participant thought about it, he was asked to toss a ball from one hand to the other.   That's it.  Just toss the ball back and forth.   Within less than a minute, the issue was brought down to a 4.  And then completely dwindled to 0 with further tossing.     Interesting.     Pattern Interupt, right?   There's something here folks.  

     Try it on yourself.  Think of an emotional issue, and toss a ball from hand to hand.  See what happens.    TRY IT ON EVERYTHING!!  (well , I won't go that farConfused)


    Respectfully submitted,



    Nina Zamudio

    Interesting! I'm going to try that tonight!


    Robert G. Smith

    Pattern intrupts play a major part of healing and transformation with FasterEFT.  There are harmful interrupts that people use.  Let's say you are stressed or something bad happens then you smoke, drink, eat, read a book, yoga, or anything else then you can shift the issue to something else. Shifting, relocating and dumping into something else will cause issues in the future.  We do rewrite what are wanting to avoid and then recheck to make sure it is gone over and over again. The real art is really in the aiming and double checking to see if it is gone. There is only way changes do occur regardless of the therapy, “Good, Bad, Collasp”  Robert  Cool


    Rachel Geller

    Thanks Ed, and Robert, for these ideas.

    Tried it now. Couldn't find a ball so used a small croc instead.

    It was for my headache. This reduced a bit during Croc Rock, but it is still around, and moved over to the right side only. Interesting stuff came up though. Faster EFT is easier on the shoulders than Croc Rock, but Croc Rock helps me practice my catching skills and other balancing features.

    I read once that one major part of any successful therapy is that people follow a ritual. I wonder if I should invent “washing the dishes therapy” for the rest of my headache.


    Ed Schicatano


    I agree that pattern interupts are not always good.     I think I learned this from “the Mind of a Healer” series.

     Seeking external interrupts  for internal issues just doesn't work.  For example,  If you have negative emotions, and interupt the pattern with food, or cigarettes, those are external things, and they certainly don't help.   But if you have negative emotions and interupt the pattern with golfing, or gardening, or cycling, this still might NOT be good.  Why?  Because these are external activities also.   And they may make you feel good temporarily, but you are merely avoiding the issue, and guess what,  the internal negative emotions are still there.

      There's no way around it folks.  If you have a lot of internal stuff going on, the only way to resolve it is by going inside and eliminating it.


    Respectfullly submitted.


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