Please fix the function “Lost Your Password?” or tell me any work-arround!This IS frustrating, I just want to join the community and can’t!

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    Hi there, my next try. Please don't remove my question without an answer again, because I just want to join the community! Smile

    This IS frustrating, I just want to join the community and can't! Of course I could try to tap my frustration away, but this does not solve the problem. Not REALLY.
    I registered some weeks ago, but something went wrong, I just can't log in. Probably a bit forgetful? So I tried to get a new password. Just, the email I received reads:
    “Someone requested that the password be reset for the following account:
    Username: Willi-Eppstein
    If this was a mistake, just ignore this email and nothing will happen.
    To reset your password, visit the following address:”

    And this is the end. Honestly. I just don't know where to go in order to reset my password!
    I posted this problem a few weeks ago, then waited some days for an answer, but instead it just vanished. Yell

    So, please help me to join the community,

    thanks a lot!

    Greetings from Germany,   Cool



    Katalin Dávid

    Hi, Flower,


    Sorry, I can't help you with your password. Maybe the best is if you make a new account.


    Best wishes,


    Hi Kati,

    thanks a lot for your kind answer. You are right, a new account is a good idea, but unfortunately I can't: Trying to take a new account, the system tells me, that my email-adress is allready registered, and I should (please) use another one. Well, I haven't got another one, (except of my office-Mail, which I don't want to use).

    I receive a lot of emails because I signed up the quickstart, but I can't ask any question to any practitioner (or so), and I have such a lot of little questions. Beeing a (rather shy) beginner, I would need some advice and so to really get in the F-EFT-way…

    Uff. But I am really glad, someone minds…   🙂

    Best wishes from Germany,

    FlowerPower (Willi)


    Katalin Dávid

    Hi, Willi,Smile


    I tried to make your post visible to the other member, too.


    I think it is a glitch in wordpress forums about resetting the passwords. I don't know the programmer, but maybe he/she will notice your post.

    But maybe the fastest solution is to make a new email address for yourself, and use that to make a new account.


    Anyway, ask your question, and I will try to answer to you.


    Best wishes,


    Hi Kati,   Kiss

    thank you for your answer, and this is VERY kind of you! I did not realize it is a wordpress-Problem, but of course you should be right. Probably I can tell them…

    So if I am very kindly allowed to ask:

    The thing is, I have really starting-problems, I “can” (have to) feel strong (bad) emotions, trying to come out in tears, but unfortunately I cannot feel the effekt of the tapping… …I am not getting any relief… …not yet. I will keep trying…

    Anyway my older son (7-years-old) was curious, which sort of video I was watching on youtube and what it means. So I explained, and he is VERY eager to tap away his dependence of nappies, which he is still wearing at night. He is sound asleep during the whole long night and wakes up wet in the morning. Every night since he was born…
    So I thought I would try tapping on him with this issue, and probably he is more open for changes and we will get results. But I don't know how to do it. With EFT I would know how to start, but not with F-EFT, which I think to be much more convincing, despite the fact that I can't feel it by now.

    So I hope you have got a tiny idea for me, which probably helps us to get started…

    Many sunny greetings from Germany,

    Willi  Cool

    BTW: Please excuse my scrubby english, I'm not really used to it.  Embarassed


    Katalin Dávid

    Hi, Willi,Smile


    At the beginning, I also not felt that tapping did any good. Seemed only thing got worse. A lot of things needed to be cleared, so persistance was really important.


    About your son… with FEFT we usually begin with the worse fears, but I have no experience with children. I made your post visible, so maybe others have ideas too, to help you.


    This video is about how to tap FasterEFT style:


    Hope, this helps you.


    Best wishes,


    Hi again Kati,

    and thanks a lot for your support.

    I think Robert's videos on youtube -I watched lots of them and continue with that because I like them very much- suggest that you will feel a release when you hit the right point inside and then tap and think of release and peace… So when you sit in front of the screen and tears popping up you should allready have the right path. There are so many videos showing people with really serious issues and they get such a beautyful heap of freedom. So I really thought if I did it “properly” (the way he shows it) I should feel a change…

    (BTW: At the moment I have -amoung others- serious burnout and bossing-problems…)

    Well, so I just try it over and over again and hope, some day it will help – or FEFT continues expanding and a FEFT-Practitioner settling near me   Laugh

    And of course I hope for me to solve the technical problem and join the community, I wourld really like that! Many nice people in here…

    Many sunny greetings again form Germany,



    Willi Stephan

    Hi Kati,

    just wanted to tell you, finally I have a new email-account, just for this community, and as you can see, I can correctly log in now. So I hope this is my next step in growing…   Smile

    Best wishes for you -and thanl you again for all your kind answers,


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