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    Hi there!


    Please can someone help me with flipping the memory? I know there's info out there about it but I just don't get it. Do I talk the younger me like in Matrix Reimprinting or do I just tap until the image changes and let my mind change it to positive on its own or do I need to force it? I've been trying to flip some memories but there's so many of them and it happened a while ago so there all blurring into one. Can I flip multiple memories if they feel all blurred into one? Could someone give me a step by step process in how to flip and keep it that way? The ones I've done just aren't sticking and I'm feeling so lost and panicky! I just want to feel better and like myself again. Can any of you give brief examples of successful flips and how it feels? Is there an instant realisation? Sorry, I hope all this is clear. I'm just freaking out a bit and feeling a bit hopeless 🙁


    Jo xxx



    Katalin Dávid



    Either you change the memories, or you let those change to positive, both of them is ok. Usually happens to me, when I begin to work on an issue, a lot of memories come up. I continously releasint those, but I test the original issue, on what I began to work, and when it changes to a peaceful one, I flip just that.

    Maybe, there are some resistance in you about making the changes. Tap out your fears about that, too.


    Hope, this helps you,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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