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    Hi all,

    So grateful and blessed to have came across this healing modality through the normal EFT structure. I’ve seen some amazing shifts just tapping away from the videos and in the moment!

    I wonder of any of you experience any post tapping symptoms? I’ve had some distressing nightmares after rein printing some traumatic memories. Also get quite tired whilst I’m tapping but I tap through it.

    Happy tapping xx

    Christy R.

    I love your name – TranceFairy!

    The nightmares and vivid dreams are fairly normal. They are a natural response to the brain reorganizing information. Do not be scared. They are also great opportunities for healing. When you wake up feeling weird or unsettled, just tap on what you can remember. Tap until it passes.


    Hehe thank you!

    I did exactly that and the fear lessened thank you, I’ve created my identity on my ‘depression’ trance, now that I’m clearing out a lot of stuff, I’ve had a few stressful events happen in the last week or two, I’ve fallen back into my hypnotic state, not wanting to get up in the morning,lethargic, weepy etc. should I be tapping upon waking you think?

    Thanks for your support! :)


    I can relate to this. This tapping with FEFT does cause some discomfort.Its our bodies going through the healing process while we clear the garbage. I find if I doing any issues within a few hours of going to bed/later in the day I dont sleep that well that night.If I do any issues no more than 3 hours before going to bed I sleep better.I do most of mine between 7am and 4pm each day. You might experience a flare up of any emotion so that happens.Ride it out and tap it out too.
    Getting tired happens too.You’re gidding rid of stressful emotions from your body. This happens with FEFT and I remember it happened several times when I tried “Neuro Emotional Technique” (NET) years ago.The more you do makes it happen.Its a good way to get a goodnight sleep.


    I am glad I found this topic, I have recently been for an assessment at the mental health clinic, because I was thinking of taking my own life, I felt great when I first came across FEFT but for some reason I felt really down today, it’s the worst I have felt for a few months.

    I have been tapping before going to sleep and getting some very strange dreams, the quality of sleep has been mixed, and today i feel like i feel.

    So I think I will leave the bed time tapping and see if I can shift this bad feeling.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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