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    Edie Carver

    When working with a new client who has limited financial resources for sessions and a presenting life issue that is urgent right now, i.e. finding a job, dealing with a serious health issue, etc., how important is it to spend a lot of time focusing on clearing primary imprints vs. the proofs and/or fears that are in the way right now and more directly related to the issue?  I realize that many times this leads us to the childhood memories and patterns, but even clearing those memories is not necessarily helpful in the short term for dealing with the urgent issues.  Also, it seems the client can get really overwhelmed and discouraged when they don't see any “results” in their specific area of concern.  I guess what it boils down to is that we won't always have the opportunity to get to and/or to clear the primary imprints.  My inclination has been to work with the patterns, but to be very sensitive to helping them get some results they can see right away.  Hopefully, that will keep them coming back as they can afford it and keep them encouraged to tap on themselves as much as they can.  As we clear some of the more urgent issues, they seem to become more aware of how important it is to keep going so they don't just keep recreating the same stuff.


    Along the same lines, if a memory doesn't seem to clear completely, is it best to stay with it for multiple sessions or go back to it periodically between other memories to see if some more if it has cleared (or is ready to clear) through the other work that's been done?


    Julia Albath


    great questions. I have wondered that myself. Not sure that I have an answer. Since it's all related, eventually I always get there. If there's a really urgent situation, I try to get them some relieve first, but I often find that in the end I'm back to simply working on the memories.


    If a memory doesn't clear completely, to me it means that there's something still connected and I just come back to it occasionally and see if they are ready to let it all go.





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